Beekeeping Tools for a Successful Beekeeping Business

Beekeeping Tools for a Successful Beekeeping Business. Before you start your beekeeping business, you first need to undergtake training to master the finer points of beekeeping. One of the most important things that you should consider when planning to start a beekeeping adventure is the beekeeping tools. Beekeeping tools are the foundation or the main frame of your business; thus, it is very important to get tools that are effective, safe, and worth spending on. There are actually a lot of suppliers of beekeeping tools that you can choose from yet it is important to choose your supplier wisely. Asking other beekeepers in your area would help you to get the best supplier for your needs.

Beekeeping Tools

Here are some of the beekeeping tools that you should consider getting:

Bee feed and feeders – include 5 frame nuc feeders, 2 galloon feeder pale, entrance feeders, plastic hive top feeder, feeder screen plugs, division board feeder, polystyrene hive top feeder, entrance feeder for BeeMax hives, global patties, mega bee pollen substitute, and high fructose corn syrup.

Bee  Medications – consist of miteaway II, apiguard, honey bee healthy, apistan strips, menthol, terramycin patty form, terramycin pre-mixed powder form, terramycin pure form TM25, fumigilin, tylan, swarm catch woth nasonov, bee boost with QMP, and gardstar for small hive beetle.

Books – include the backyard beekeeper, a practical guide to beekeeping, honey bees and beekeeping, starting right with honey bees, the new complete guide to beekeeping, honey in the comb, etc.

Comb honey supplies – embrace bee-o-pac comb honey system, bee-o-pac comb around labels, ross round farame conversion kit, round comb super supplies complete round comb super kit, round labels, round cover, rectangular plastic cutcomb container, and square styrene cutcomb container.

Smokers – include economy hive smoker, the lil’ pro smoker, super pro hive smoker, smoker box, bailing twine smoker fuel, and smoker fuel.

Queen Rearing supplies – consist of nuc calendar, queen numbers set, no graft queen rearing kit, queen marking pen, queen marking tube, queen catcher, queen cage, queen introduction cage, and grafters.

Protective clothing – includes zippered jacket pullovers, premium bee suits, premium coveralls, commercial pullover, hobbyist pullover, English style bee suit, sun helmet, ventilated helmet, premium tie down, zippered veil, better bees shoulder veil, leather gloves, goatskin gloves, PVC gloves, nitrile gloves, boot bands, white waterproof beekeeper boots, and hive mentoring kit.

Carlo Wilkins is a bee keeper and his hobby is beekeeping. He has a lot of benefits to offer. If you can overcome the fear of being stung by a bee, then beekeeping can be worth a try. For more details please visit this site: Beekeeping Success

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