Used Beekeeping Equipment is a Real Alternative

Used Beekeeping Equipment is a Real Alternative. You have read the books and now you are ready to start beekeeping. But wow the cost of the equipment is far beyond your budget. Have you thought of used beekeeping equipment perhaps this is the time. But it would be amazing if you found all the equipment you need at a local garage sale. So where do you look and what do you look for?

Firstly you need to do research and establish what equipment you need, the recommended brand names and the price range. Equipment catalogues are readily available and can be obtained on line. By examining a few you can get a feel for the best equipment and the range of prices. Occasionally you will find special offers from equipment suppliers that will bring equipment within your price range but don’t count on it.

Beekeeping journals and magazines are also a good source of information and you will be able to examine the small ads and maybe you can find what you need, but always treat with caution. You will need to fully investigate the supplier and the state of the equipment. Ask for photographs and why the equipment is available. References for the supplier would not be bad thing either. Investigate any local beekeeping equipment supplier. They regularly have used equipment available.

Next step approach you local beekeeping association. Find details of local beekeepers. They may not have used beekeeping equipment available for sale but can be an invaluable source of information. It is also amazing how many friendships can be struck during this process. Also enquire if they know of any equipment that can be shared, this can be very valuable for honey extraction and preparation.

See if there any beekeeping courses are available at nearby colleges. Not only will you learn a lot but also this can be a source of information regarding local used beekeeping equipment that is available. The internet particularly e-bay is a great resource of used equipment and many bargains can be obtained. But as with classified ads you must exercise caution and fully investigate before you buy. E-bay will give greater protection and comfort than the smaller private sites.

Used Beekeeping Equipment

It is always better if you buy used to buy the best quality equipment available as this will normally have a much longer life expectancy. Please note any used equipment should be sterilized before use to stop any possible of disease transfer to your new bees. A good wash and a steam spray will normally do the job.

Beekeeping is such a rewarding hobby that can give so much pleasure it would be a pity if you never started because of financial reasons. Don’t forget that once you’re up and rolling the honey will provide the running costs and probably a little extra. It is worth the extra investigation to obtain the equipment you can afford so that you can begin this most compelling of hobbies.

Article by Ben Field

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