Beekeeping for Beginners – Getting Started

Beekeeping for Beginners – Getting Started

The best thing about beekeeping for beginners are they will be able to grow and learn to love the hobby. They will able to learn the basics and the step-by-step process. Also, they can observe how fascinating bees are and their lives. The first thing that beekeepers should know is how and when they are going to start.

The best time to start beekeeping is in spring time. There are things that need to be done. You can get into your hive anytime the temperature of the outside air reaches 57 degrees F. You will need to carry out an early hive inspections.

Things you will look for and do:

Check the condition of the brood and the amount of brood.
If there is no brood you have a problem – You will need to purchase a new queen immediately.
If the queen is laying poorly, replace her. Don’t kill her until the new queen arrives.
Check the hive for any mouse damage.
Clean all debris from the bottom board. It is good idea to set all hive bodies on top of the top cover and scrape the bottom board with your hive tool and then put everything back together.
If the hive is weak, you might consider buying a two pounds package of bees.
You will also want to treat your hive again for mites with chemical strips. Hopefully, the practice of putting chemicals in a hive to save the bees will soon end with the introduction of queens that are mites resistant.
Get supers ready to put on the bees but if they are not flying and the weather is cold, wait until the bees begin to gather nectar. The bees can conserve heat better without the added super.
Another thing you might want to check would be:




Any critters bothering your bees.
Skunks are also a problem in some areas.
Skunks eat honey bees and once they discover a meal to be had, they will be back every night.


Beekeepers may have to re-level their hives and check them for maintenance. Beekeeping for beginners is sometimes devastating but learning the basics will help them enjoy. For more information on beekeeping for beginners, visit


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