Beekeeping for Dummies: A Few Essentials You Really Ought to Know

Beekeeping for Dummies: A Few Essentials You Really Ought to Know

Do you think raising bees to harvest honey and wax has a rustic allure? You’d be in good company with those thoughts as there is a growing number of enthusiasts who practice backyard beekeeping today.

Some do it as a relaxing hobby, while others actually have enjoyed the benefits of this as a lucrative home business. Which ever group you may fall into, here are a few beekeeping for dummies tips that may have you quickly on your way into this exciting venture.

Get your hands on all the literature you can handle. Like any new hobby or business, beekeeping has some basics that everyone needs to know as well as new and groundbreaking techniques that pop up as it evolves. Take stock in yourself by stocking up on your knowledge.

You’ll find there is a mass of material available. From videos to downloadable ebooks – and of course even a full size Beekeeping for Dummies book on the market. Use these things to get you going, but keep in mind you will eventually thirst for some more advanced beekeeping manuals.

Take a look around for your local beekeepers. Those who have been doing this already are sure to have some great tips to share. Not just because they’ve been doing it – but more specifically they have been doing it in your local area.

They can share what they know about the best bees for your area. You may be privy to information such as the best places to get supplies locally, as well as where to sell honey and wax. If possible, find a local mentor. Established keepers are excited to find someone else who shares their passion and will be surprisingly eager to share what they know.

Give great consideration to your bees. As you begin, start off with one or two small colonies that you can track and give full attention to. You’ll be able to gauge if you are prepared to take on more and ensure your bees have everything they need. If your bees seem happy, you’ll know there is ample food and water sources available for them.

While annual flowering plants are always favorable food sources, you’ll want to insure there are flowers year round. The more sustenance you can provide regularly for your bees, the more productive they will be.

Depending on where you live, your honey will take on different flavors and textures based on the flowers that are collected from. Keep this in mind if you are considering going into more commercial trade.

Water is just as important to bees as it is to any other animal. Beekeepers need to know there is a natural water source near by. If there isn’t, be sure to provide fresh water regularly in a bucket or other container.

Finally, be sensible when choosing where to put your beehive. Beehives in a built up area are no problem, as long as you do not put them directly in people’s path. This is why is is of great importance to make sure you practice in areas that are far from where people regularly congregate.

Once you get through these beekeeping for dummies basics, you’ll be on your way and ready for the more advanced tips.

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