The Beehive and Beekeeping

The Beehive and Beekeeping

Author: Marilyn Oseen

The beehive, where bees inhabit and settle, is the main element of the beekeeping procedure. There are different ways used in managing and harvesting of honey from the hives. One of the famous hives available nowadays is the Langstroth hive. This is an artificial beekeeping hive adapted and preferred by most beekeepers not only in the United States but in other parts of the globe as well.

The Langstroth hive has a rectangular wooden framework where honey combs are braced inside. It\’s convenient to use and preferred by many beekeepers because it gives way to an easy and swift extraction of honey.The Langstroth hive normally has around nine to ten combs inside. Its frame does not have a top or bottom so the combs simply hang inside. The artificial combs on the frames are created from sheets of plastic or wax materials. These sheets of wax are then used as a starting point for bees to bear more wax and make honeycomb. The bees would deposit their pollen and honey into the cells. Extraction and taking out of honey from frames of Langstroth hive is quick to do because of its framework and design.

There are also hobbyist beekeepers in the United Sates who prefer to use the top-bar hives. This artificial procedure of beekeeping originated in Africa where it is commonly used. Its framework is different from the Langstroth type of hive. The top-bar hives are made up of special bars running along the structure\’s top where bees hang their honey combs. Unlike the Langstroth hive where the frame can be re-used, the top-bar hive bars can\’t be recycled once the honey has been extracted from its bars. Honey that is produced by the top-bar hive is considered as the best around and of very high quality. However, production from this type of design is low. It can be sold as an in-comb honey product.

If you are thinking of getting involved with beekeeping, you might want to check into a few things first. It is important to pick the property where you want to keep your bees. However, there are only certain areas where you can place your hives so you have to initially consult with the local government\’s restrictions regarding beekeeping in your locale. The space of the location for the beehive should also be considered. It should be kept away from residential and recreation areas as some people may have allergies to bee stings.

Bees need pollen and nectar as their source of food, so it is very essential to consider a property where they can have close contact with their food source. The beekeeping hive should be placed near a fresh water source. Water source can either be from natural source or one supplied by the beekeeper. Another critical element to consider in beekeeping is the area where the beehive will be settled. It should be away from predators such as skunks and bears or from human thieves who might simply want to steal your honey. It should also be secured from severe weather conditions. Although bees are most active during certain times of the year, beekeeping is still considered as a full time activity.

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