3 Important Facts About Having The Best Beekeeping Hive

3 Important Facts About Having The Best Beekeeping Hive

Article by Martin Broad
Creating a solid hive for your bees is one of the most important areas of beekeeping. The hive will become the epicenter of all future activity for your bees and deciding on which type of hive you will have, as well as where you will place it, is vital to ensuring the happiness and productivity of your bees.

One of the most popular models of hives is called the Langstroth hive. This is made up of frames which are fully movable, ensuring the beekeeper can get easy access to the honey combs at all times. About ten combs are made in each frame and hang within the frame itself, without being secured at the top or bottom. Wax is used as the foundation for the frames as it is an easy substance that the bees can use to make the base of their combs. The bees can easily inject their honey directly into the combs once the frames have been put in place.

Top-bar hives are also used widely be beekeepers. These are made up of bars that are fixed at the top, allowing the bees to hang combs of honey directly onto them. The bars can only be used once and must be replaced each time the beekeeper wants to make more honey. However, the honey that is made is of a higher quality than normal liquid honey and is more concentrated. Top-bar hives are ideal for beekeepers who cater to specific markets or to consumers who want a higher quality product.

Placing the hive is also an important ares of consideration. When bees leave the hive, they will head in a straight line until they find an adequate food source. This being said, the hive should be built so that the open door faces nearby plants and flowers. You should also be careful to keep the hive concealed as much as possible. Not only will this help detract attention from neighbors or other people who are worried that bees are not safe, but it will protect the bees from natural predators. Bears, skunks and even humans have been known to try to infiltrate bee hives in search of food and covering your hive up will help keep this to a minimum.

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