Organic Honey Some of the Many Benefits

Organic Honey Some of the Many Benefits. It may come as a surprise to you but about one-third of the human diet comes from insect pollinated plants. You will also find that it is honeybees that are responsible for 80% of the pollination. You probably already know that honeybees produce honey. You may also find it interesting that honey is the only food humans consume that is produced by an insect. If you are looking to purchase organic honey, you may be curious to know that is produced by bee apiaries in habitats that are far more controlled than are habitats that produce regular honey.

Organic Honey Standards

Although these standards may change over time, here are some common standards for honey to be classified as organic. First the source of nectar, honeydew or pollen must be come from organic sources. This means that the apiary must be on land that is pesticide free. There usually needs to be a buffer zone between the land that is used for organic honey creation and that land where pesticides are used. Another requirement is that any new bees that are introduced have to come from other organically maintained hives.

Benefits of Organic Honey

So why would people want to eat organic honey and pay more money for this product? The main reason is that they do not to have to eat food that is potentially contaminated with pesticides and other harmful substances. They are doing it for their health. Also these organic honeys are free of antibiotics that are used with to help protect normal bees from disease. These bees do not get these antibiotics. Now you may think, that antibiotics are not bad for use. However the ones used for the bees are potentially bad for us. They may increase the risk of cancer and other diseases in humans. This honey is also not pasteurized. Honey has many antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties. They also have anti-oxidants and phytochemicals which are know to help protect the body from cancer and other diseases. When the honey is pasteurized,many of these properties are destroyed and the honey is not as healthy.

They also may be doing for the environment. This is because that those same pesticides that pollute our bodies also pollute the soil and nearby water sources. Also the organic bees are not killed after the honey harvest as many of the normal bees are due to the cost of keeping them alive over the winter.

So even though organic honey will likely cost you a little more but you can feel confident that the product is generally safer than non-organic honey and that the live beehives and their habitat are contributing to a healthier planet.

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