Feed The Beekeepers, Buy Raw Honey

Feed The Beekeepers, Buy Raw Honey

As with so many things in life, the best honey does not come from your local supermarket. When commercial food producers process and package the honey you see on the shelf, they submit the honey to a variety of processes that impair its nutritional and even medicinal properties. Experts concur in that only unheated, raw, unfiltered honey has all the components that nature intended.  If you are going to buy honey you should buy raw local honey, it will be made with the pollen of all your local flowering plants instead of whatever flowers exist in China or India.

You can seek out botique Raw Honey brands all across the country or you can look for beekeepers trying to make ends meet and selling honey straight from the hive to your table. I suggest you support the beekeepers. They’re working hard for the bees and for you! Honey has no expiration date, in fact crystalized honey was found in some egyptian tombs — seemingly preserved for thousands of years until it was discovered again.

Implementing a city by city index, Raw Honey Traders allows beekeepers to market raw honey for very specific geographical regions. There is no more wondering where to buy raw honey from Michigan, North Carolina or Vermont. Buy raw honey from your just up the road or across the planet.

Remember, bees have been having a rough time. Do your part, never poison a honeybee colony.

Find a honeybee removal expert in your area to relocate the bees today.

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