Beekeeping Information

Beekeeping Information

The procedure of breeding bees in artificial hives and collecting honey is called beekeeping. It can be an interesting and captivating hobby that can also be turned into a profitable business. But first you have to really know the art of beekeeping and its basic information for you to be able to take advantage of this hobby.

Beekeeping equipment is very important when venturing into beekeeping. The beehive’s basic part is one of the many things beekeepers need to know about. One can start a beehive business by purchasing packaged bees, buying an already established bee colony or accumulating swarms. For beginners in this hobby, packaged bees are highly suggested. Beekeepers also need tools to be used for the proper handling of honey, a bee source and the right protective gears. It is a fact that honey bees will sting to protect their hives when triggered from attack and intrusion. Because of this, beekeepers use several safety gears and clothing in dealing with the bees, like a pair of gloves, beekeeping suits and hat with veil. To persuade the bees not to sting when working with the colony and hive is to use a bee smoker. A bee smoker is a type of equipment used to calm the bees by releasing smoke to their beehive which, in effect, drives bees to evacuate from their beehive. The smoker is also able to obscure the pheromones of bees, something which they give out as a warning to their fellow bees from invaders.

Beekeeping information includes a lot of exciting aspects and facts about bees that will surely help every starter in beekeeping. Honey bees live in a hive and are known to be social insects. A group of bees is called a colony in which they can reach up to thousands of honeybees. The honey bees work together simultaneously to pick out food, make a breeding ground and nurture the young bees. The most interesting but difficult part of beekeeping is the extraction of the honey from the beehives. Beekeepers should see to it that honey would not stay in the hives for a long duration to prevent the honey from darkening. This will also enable the bees to produce and store more fresh honey. Although the colour of the honey does not influence its taste, most honey lovers favor the light-yellowish one.

In beekeeping, it is also important to consider the gathering of the honey. Beekeepers should know the appropriate time to gather and harvest them from the honeycombs. Gathering the honey ahead of its time will spoil it and result in getting fermented. Using the bees as gauge in harvesting helps beekeepers determine the right time to gather honey or when you can see wax caps over the honeycombs. The best time to harvest honey is during morning or when the day is sunny.

Bees also play a vital role in the environment, especially for flowering plants. Beekeeping can be an enjoyable and productive activity; you just have to follow and abide certain policies and guidelines. Knowing the government’s policies and regulations on beekeeping is very essential for aspiring beekeepers.


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