Essential Beekeeping Equipment Guide

Essential Beekeeping Equipment Guide

Article by Daniel Hebborn

If you are considering beekeeping, as either a hobby or a small business, one of the first things you will need to do is get yourself the right equipment. Making sure you get the best beekeeping supplies will make it a lot easier for you to become a successful beekeeper. If you are completely new to keeping bees then a starter kit may be your best bet. A good starter kit will contain the following items:

* A cedar wood beehive * A good beekeeping guide book* A galvanised smoker* Hat + ring and veil or a hooded all-in-one suit* Leather Beekeeping gloves* A note book for keeping records* A stainless steel J ended hive tool* One gallon feeder

There are plenty of sites on the internet that supply just this kind of starter kit and if you do a search in your local area you may be able to find an outlet that is not too far away for you to take a visit and see the equipment for yourself.

A cedar wood hive is much better than the less expensive pine wood hives that are currently available. Cedar wood hives are more stable and will definitely last longer in harsh weather conditions.

There are many good beekeeping guides available a quick search on a site such as Amazon will prove this. Reading through some of the reviews left by other customers will help you to decide which book is best for you.

You will find that you use a smoker often when caring for your bees, there are two main types, galvanised and stainless steel. The galvanised smoker is cheaper but is still quite long lasting.

To start with a good Hat and veil is all that is needed, but for added protection you may want eventually to get yourself a full all-in-one beekeeping suit.

Gloves need to offer good protection but also not be too restrictive. Leather gloves are the best for this although you can get cheaper latex gloves as well.

It is essential that you keep up to date records of all your activities whilst keeping bees and a good notebook or diary is perfect for this.

There are a plethora of different types of hive tools available a J ended hive tool is used to catch under the edge of a frame and make it easier to lift. As with all your beekeeping equipment it is essential that it is thoroughly cleaned after use.

You will need to feed your bees before the onset of winter and also in the spring before their are plentiful supplies of nectar, so you will need a feeder for this purpose.

The above is not a complete list of all you will eventually need to keep bees there is a lot more beekeeping equipment involved in the collection and storage of honey. Also a lot depends on if you decide to turn this hobby into a business. If that is the case you will certainly need to invest in more than a beginner’s starter kit.

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