Is Bee Pollen Vegan? The Truth Revealed

Is Bee Pollen Vegan? The Truth Revealed

The bee pollen vegan question is a confusing one to many people, in a similar way to vegetarians who eat fish. Is this right, well of course it’s a personal decision but there are certain ground rules!

The bee pollen vegan debate

If you want to be called a strict vegan, then bee pollen is off limits, as in their eyes this is seen as man’s manipulation of the bees and the stealing of their food.

I even recently heard the term ‘beegan’ as a person who is vegan but will use the bee pollen!

Of course you can use pollen collected by hand but the drawbacks are it is far more expensive and not as nutritionally rich.

The bees are very fussy about what they use and what they reject, resulting in the best pollen grains being used.

In fact, some apiaries are very well run and as the bees produce far more pollen than they use, these have no impact on the colony. A well-run hive is very different from the more industrial set ups where many bees can die when the pollen/honey is collected, which quite rightly angers vegans.

Some of the best run apiaries are located on the South Island of New Zealand. Here the environment is clean and the bees have a wide variety of flowers from which to select the finest pollen. These produce some of the only genuine organic pollen as the area is pristine for miles around and traditional beekeeping methods are employed.

The benefits from the best pollen supplements are important and quite unique. These include a healthy heart with lower cholesterol, increased energy and endurance, weight loss, a stronger immune system and much more.

If you are able to use bee pollen, there are a couple of factors to bear in mind.

Ensure you know the source so that it comes from a sustainable, clean and well-kept apiary in an area like NZ. Most are imported from places like China and contain high levels of toxins from the pollution and poor farming practices.

Supplements are the most effective way to get the maximum benefits when they are combined with other synergistic nutrients and enzymes to increase the absorption and look for at least 800mg of pure pollen in each one.

As you can see, the bee pollen vegan debate is quite clear cut, but if you are able to use this natural superfood from the best source, you can increase your overall mental and physical health knowing that you are not causing any unnecessary suffering to the bees.

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