Healthy Choices Create a Healthier Immune System

Healthy Choices Create a Healthier Immune System

Article by Anay

We live in toxic times. Never before in recorded history have human beings been packed so closely together, under such toxic and stressful conditions, as in our cities today. Never before have we exposed our planet–and our bodies–to so many different kinds, and increasing quantities of toxins (poisons). This includes chemicals, heavy metals, toxic fumes, radiation, and other poisons in our air, food, and water. No one knows the full consequences of all these different toxins building up and interacting inside human bodies. But we can see some of the effects in bodies around us, or by looking in a mirror. Medicating sickness, largely due to toxic causes, is Big Business in these stressful times. Approximately 95 million americans* experience a toxic stress-related symptom every week, and take some kind of medication (chemicals). American drug prescriptions increased from 2.1 billion in 1994, to 3.1 billion in 2001, to 3.6 billion in 2005. Based on a population of 300 million, that comes out to over 12 prescriptions for every person! The number of drug-takers rises many times higher with sales of over the counter medications (chemicals). The most

prescribed of all drugs are a group known as the antidepressants. Many of these drugs are creating havoc

in the bodies, minds, and lives of adults and children taking them. This includes many murders and suicides. For a quick read on the problem, click here. For a growing list of violent incidents involving people taking antidepressants, click here. (If you are reading this pdf on an Apple computer, please see the Note on Hyperlinks at the bottom of page 7.) The financial costs of health care are rising by double digits every year. And so are the numbers of people needing health care. Over half

of personal bankruptcies in the united states* are caused by

expensive medical emergencies. Many could be prevented with a few changes in diet and lifestyle. Many of us choose these prescription and over-the-counter drugs (chemicals) to ease our aches and pains. Though these drugs may temporarily relieve our symptoms, they do nothing

to remove the underlying causes. Medical statistics show a continuous, epidemic rise in the plagues of cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and other maladies, at younger and younger ages all over the planet. The same is true of the new infectious and sexually-transmitted plagues of AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, chlamydia, West Nile Virus, bird flu etc. As you will find out in Chapter One, the spread of these plagues is directly linked to toxic build-up. This toxic build-up is happening both in the earth environment–ocean dead zones, for example–and inside human bodies.

This health decline is also happening in Gaia’s other creatures, with the growing list of names on the endangered and extinct species lists. One in four of all species on earth–25%–have been lost in just the last 35 years! We need honeybees, for example, to pollinate dozens of food crops. With Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), honeybees are now disappearing by the millions. For a complete list of foods threatened by honeybee loss, click here

. Many beekeepers believe that CCD is linked to toxic build-up of pesticides, herbicides, altered DNA in pollen from GM plants, and other toxins in honeybees.

Next, you will need to reduce toxic in-take to prevent any more toxic build-up. Otherwise, immune nutrition and detox may not be enough. You can choose to detox your lifestyle by avoiding like poison

the Top Ten most toxic sources covered in this book. You will find them listed together in Chapter Eleven. You need to avoid

these toxin sources to stay detoxed and to ensure your good health. Finally, you will find several simple, easy, and proven methods to reduce stress and ways to relax. The rest is up to you, and the choices you make. Unfortunately, there is a legal “free trade” movement underway to severely restrict your health choices

The free radical theory of disease and aging is now well known. Thousands of published scientific papers document free radical disease and aging pathology. This has led to better understanding of the role which antioxidants play in maintaining good health, such as the essential

antioxidant vitamins and enzymes to be covered later. Antioxidants clean up and clear out the cellular wastes from the oxygenation processes in your body. Antioxidants protect your immune system. They can also be called anti-toxins, because they help your body neutralize and remove chemical and other poisons.

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