What’s The Deal With That Weird Beekeeper Suit?

What’s The Deal With That Weird Beekeeper Suit? What’s the deal with that weird beekeeper suit? Simply put, a bee suit is an often a light colored breathable fabric that protects the beekeeper from bee stings. The bee suit is a full body suit with protective cuffs so that no bee can go through the areas where your hands and feet are. Speaking of appendages, you also need to wear a leather gloves and work boots, with the cuffs sealed from the outside for the same protection from bees and bee stings.

For protection of your head you need a hat with a veil around it. The veil is just a very thinly woven, semi transparent cloth that you can see through while working with bees. The hat provides a space between your skin and the veil, and the veil itself covers all of your head, the back of it and the neck.The beekeeper suit is a baggy suit that is made from cotton and polyester, so that it is breathable when working in hot weather, and yet strong enough to prevent bee sting from reaching the skin, due to its baggy design.
What's The Deal With That Weird Beekeeper Suit?
The gloves and the boots are also light colored for the same purpose. The bees are attracted to dark colors, reason is that most predators have dark colors and through the generations it has just gotten into their programming that when they see dark colored shapes, trouble is brewing. The veil is just dark colored because you can see better when the veil is dark than it would be if it was colored white.

There are certain models of beekeeping suits that are only half body suits, often the upper half, since the upper half is the most important half, you just ensure that no bees gets inside your pants or on your legs when trouble is a brewing.

Weird Beekeeper Suit?

All bee suits do not or cannot guarantee that they provide complete protection from stings. Bee suits only go so far as to reduce the risks but it cannot totally prevent bee stings. The qualities that the ideal beesuit would have can be made, at a price. You would need cloth that will not allow the stingers to penetrate the cloth, or the veil or the gloves and shoes. Second is the heat trapped by these types of bee suits would reduce the visits that you can make to your hives to a few minutes without the fear of overheating inside such bee suits.

Article by Ryan Knox.

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