Why Must You Have The Beekeeping Suit?

Why Must You Have The Beekeeping Suit?

Article by Robert Fenn

Beekeeping suit is one of the first supplies that a beekeeper needs for protection. All hobbies are made equal. Very few hobbies are dangerous. Keeping bees is one of those. We are dealing with a very busy and serious active creature on earth.

This bee is on a critical mission and its very life depends on the success of this mission. Yes, because the bees travel great distances to collect nectar from flowers as food for themselves first. So you are interfering in their life sustaining item the honey.

So the bees can get very perturbed and angry; and mostly out of survival instinct they attack using their natural powers of sting. This sting contains venom, not very poisonous to kill you instantly like snake venom. But it has certain properties to bring allergies and cause great long term illnesses if not treated immediately.

So of all the hobbies in the world beekeeping can become dangerous if not protected well. A hat and veil protects your face and a pair of gloves can protect our hand. But a body suit will keep your bodies safe from this powerful sting. No amount of your work clothes can prevent this from going through to your skin. So look out for a good quality protective suit.

Suit itself is light or white in color to make the bees distinguish between other natural predators like bears with dark colors. Also bees are attracted to darker colors of flowers. White will deter them away. The suit should be light weight for easy walk about and made of solid woven fabric with combination of cotton and polyester. It should be able to have complete sealing effect and open ends, may be with Velcro or zippers. Some time it may even come as a set with hat and veil.

Pick one with a lot of pockets to keep your small tools and handy stuff. See that your have zippers at the fly level to fit over your boots so that no bees can get inside. A fly zipper is advisable.

The bee can leave left over stings after stinging you on your fabric sticking out. They may come off if you shake them well or pick them by hand. But the smell of the venom will still stay on the fabric itself and so please take time to wash it before the next use. The bees can smell that and have that danger mechanism triggered again and will attack more vehemently.

Vinegar can help in stings if you get stung by accident to sooth off and remove any from your hands and body. It also heals. As I said before like most hobbies beekeeping is not safe; it can be dangerous so watch it and make this pleasant instead of unpleasant by wearing proper attire. And you can enjoy this hobby or business.

Along with the suit of course a smoker can help immensely. Be very careful when you use the smoker as it is hazardous by itself and can catch fire or smoke the bees too much. The bees can get affected by too much smoke. They can turn lethargic or lazy and may not be as active as they should be. Keep a stand next to the hive to lay the smoker down when you are going to work with hives.

Remember the glove is important with the suit to prevent your hands. Most do not like the gloves so they will not use it. But the first part of your body the bees see exposed is your hand and will attack. You can get heavily stung because that is the only area they have access to sting.

A little bit of precaution with a suit and knowledge about what you are dealing with in beekeeping will help in the long run to make you a happy beekeeper.

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