Beekeeper Supplies 3 Important Ones for Your Hive

Beekeeper Supplies you will Need for Your Hive

Beekeeper supplies for your new hobby. As with many hobbies, preparation is everything when it comes to beekeeping. There are many different aspects of the beekeeping world that need to be monitored and a lot of tasks that require delicate procedures. Of course, you will need to make sure you have the right tools for the job and there are a number of important that supplies every beekeeper much have.

Beekeeping Supplies - Honey Jars

Honey Jars

Smokers – Although generally calm creatures, bees are occasionally known to become aggressive when defending their hive. Bees can see anything that gets to close to the colony as a potential threat and can attack in order to protect their queen. Of course, this can make it difficult for beekeepers to approach the hive and remove honey. One of the ways experts beekeepers deal with this is by using a smoker. This is a device that, as the name suggests, emits smoke over the bees. The smoke overpowers their natural defensive instincts and calms the bees, almost sending them into a trance-like state. Smokers are useful for controlling bees, although it is important to remember not to use them too much. Smokers that are overused can have a negative effect on the bees’ productivity and can reduce the amount of honey created by the bees.

Clothing – Beekeepers must wear a range of protective equipment to ensure that they are not harmed by their bees. A veil is normally used in order to protect the exposed face. This is especially important when considering that bees are drawn to people’s mouths by their hot breath. Suits are also worn that are so thick that they prevent the bees’ stingers from breaching the skin. Gloves are also important as they protect one of the only areas on the body that are exposed. However, if you are finding it difficult to perform complex tasks in the gloves they should be taken off temporarily in order to prevent unnecessary damage to the hive.

Food – Bees can usually fend for themselves, although when winter months come they may need feeding as there is an absense of the bees’ natural food supplies. For this reason one should be careful to leave enough honey in the hive to get them over the winter. It is a good idea to get a bee feeder fitted near or onto your hive to ensure your bees still get enough to eat in case it is a hrad winter. Sugar syrup is a good substitute for the flowers that they would normally feed on.

Article by Martin Broad.

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