Beekeeping Supply

Beekeeping Supply

Article by Shak D

In beekeeping, looking after the bees and the extraction of honey are very important; another equally important part is the beekeeping supplies. In the supply list consist of the smoker, the hive tool, the uncapping fork, the feeder, the hive stand and the brush. For this reason, whichever place you choose for your beekeeping, make sure that you have a beekeeping supply shop nearby.

Now, what are the uses of each tool mentioned above? Given below are brief descriptions of each tool, falling under the category of ‘beekeeping supply’, for your information:

1. Smoker – it is the first and most important tool in beekeeping supplies and is basically used to calm the bees; it is actually a closed kettle with a tall body. There is also an inlet for air on the kettle. When the bees goes into frenzy, burning wood is put inside this smoker and the smoke thus emitted from the spout, help in calming the frenzied bees. This tool is also bee-friendly.2. Hive tool – it is the second important tool in beekeeping supply and is made of a handle and a blade/wedge part. As it is available in bright colors, the bees can easily distinguish it from other tools. For the hive tool to work for a longer period (not to change it every month), make sure it has a blade/wedge that is made of stainless steel and is weather-resistant as you will be working with the bees more outside than inside! A hive tool is needed to remove the propolis and stuck woodwork from the hive.3. Uncapping fork – it is the third important tool in beekeeping supply and is used to remove the wax caps as the honey is encased within the cells capped by the bees. In appearance, an uncapping fork looks similar to a wide fork with several metal points. In additional to a simple uncapping fork (flat fork), there are two other types of uncapping forks – the Swedish uncapping fork that is used in removing burr combs from the wooden frames and the bend fork that is used in checking varroa mite infestation.4. Feeder – it is the fourth important tool in beekeeping supply and is used to feed the bees. Though the bees feed themselves, there are times when they need supplements like sugar syrup (especially during the winter). A feeder is designed in such a way that it can be used outside or inside a hive. 5. Hive stand – it is the fifth important tool in beekeeping supply and is used to prevent the hive from rotting.6. Brush – it is used to push the bees during hive inspections.

There may be one or two other less important tools in beekeeping supply but the above five are the most effective ones and should always be kept handy.

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