Help in Choosing Beekeeping Supplies

Help in Choosing Beekeeping Supplies

Article by Kerry Stuart

For a beginner in beekeeping, it is important to select the correct beekeeper supplies for beehive management and harvesting methods. Generally you can find supply kits in the market, which are priced from the nominal to the expensive ones. However, note that choosing the best quality of beekeeper supplies will ensure hassle free functioning of your business.

Whether to buy a supply kit or buy the tools individually depends on you. Here we have given few components that will aid you in making the right choice.American Bee Journal Subscription – Keep yourself updated on current news related to supplies and rearing. The journal updates its website regularly and you can consider it as your one-stop resource for all new information about beekeeping.

Condition Of The Supplies – Always remember to purchase the highest quality of beekeeping equipment. Why? Not only the will make your management smooth but the health and amount of honey production also depends on the supplies. If supplies are not up to the standard then the quality of honey production will be disrupted.

The Hive – Though not supplies in the materialistic sense of the term but consider it metaphorically, unless you have the perfect ‘hive’, your other supplies will be of no use. Selecting the queen bee and the colony of other bees is your priority. Then the material with which you build the hives should feature predominantly in the supply list. Popular materials include polystyrene hives and feeders -they are economically priced also.

Structure of The Hive – The selection of your beekeeper supplies also depends on the number of hive storeys you want. For instance, two-storey or three-storey hives would need more supplies for maintenance. Similarly if you are living in cold climate for longer duration, then you need to purchase thermal wrap too for the bee hive.

Cost – Before you start beekeeping business, keep aside a fixed capital to invest in supplies purchasing. As quality is the prime concern, the supplies will undoubtedly cost more. You can purchase the supplies from local stores or order them online. If opting for online order then make sure to select the correct tools and materials before placing the orders.

The most significant part of keeping bees has to do with what you place them in. Beekeepers use artificial hives to house their bee colonies. They apply a wax foundation to entice bees to develop comb in a way that is easy for the beekeeper to harvest. Foundation is a slim sheet of wax with a hexagonal cell base pattern embossed on both sides of it. It also assists the bees so that they don’t have to use as much effort in the building of the combs.

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