Ignore The Beekeeping Supplies To Your Own Peril

Ignore The Beekeeping Supplies To Your Own Peril

Article by Robert Fenn

Beekeeping supplies cannot be treated lightly or ignored. If you want to do some serious beekeeping then you must have the right tools. What trade can you think of that you can succeed in without the right tools?

Tools do not take over your trade. Instead they provide the best ways in the shortest possible time and effort. Physical labor is necessary for most home hobbies and trades. But tools make that so much simpler and efficient. We avoid harm to our hands and unnecessary leverage in handling infrastructure.

In beekeeping the supplies include body suit, a hat and a veil, gloves, boots, the hive, bees, honey collection equipments, feeders and smokers. These are the basic essentials you need to begin honey keeping hobby or business.

You can select what kind and type is best suited for your body, area and size of your bee colony. But you must have these basic supplies to function without hassle and frustration. That is it! The basic function of all these supplies I have mentioned is to avoid unnecessary and unwanted frustration with this new hobby of yours.

In any trade or hobby the first and foremost aspect you must focus on is safety. Is there a danger to my body and health in this trade is the question you must ask and research about? If so what are the best remedial course I should take. In beekeeping the first is the body suit, hat and a veil.

A glove is also important but some do without it. The reason for a body suit is that bees tend to sting when you go near or work on the hive. These can be very harmful for the beginner but an experienced seasoned beekeeper gets away with it because he has become immune to its sting over a long period of time.

The next important decision is to find the bees and decide on what type and size you need. After you select the bees you must house them, so plan on buying the hives which houses and collects the honey. There are two kinds available in local markets. The popular American model is the frames type and the other is the top bar.

Then there is the need for a smoker which aids you in working with the hives and collection of honey. The bees tend to leave the hive when they detect some kind of smoke. So you can work in peace. There are times when the bees do not have enough or may not collect honey at all.

The winter months are lean months as flowering and nectar collection is kept to a minimal. The bees can starve to death if you have collected all the honey already and in this time of need they do not have recourse to their food bank.

A feeder helps the beekeeping trade to provide sugary substance for the bees to sustain them through lean months.

Then you may want to consider if you are marketing the honey, for storage containers like bottles to market them. You should also research into extractors with centrifuge pumps to collect honey easily without much effort or wastage.

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