Want to Start Beekeeping? What Beekeeper Supplies Will You Need?

Want to Start Beekeeping? What Beekeeper Supplies Will You Need?

Congratulations, you have decided to become a beekeeper. You are now looking into what that entails. As with other ventures, you will need beekeeper supplies.

Here are some of those beekeeper supplies:


There are different kinds of beehives. Two of the most popular are the Langstroth hive and the Warre hive. You will also find the top bar beekeeping hive is a favorite because of its different design. You can choose to buy a ready-made hive or there are plans available to help you build your own hive. Once you have the hive, you now have a home for your bees.

Hive Stand

In addition to your hive, you will also want to have a hive stand. This stand acts as a landing strip for the bees as well as serves several protective purposes. The stand moves the hive off the ground helping keep mice and other animals at bay. Having the hive up and off the ground also helps keep the hive warmer as it protects against cold transfer with the ground.

Beekeeping Suit — including your beekeeper hat or netted veil

Don’t forget you are dealing with bees. Bees protect themselves by stinging anything and anyone they feel is a threat. You will be perceived as a threat to your bees from time to time and they will attack you. While you may think you can become their friends and they will totally accept you; they won’t, so you will need to protect yourself.


That protection will come from your beekeeping suit which will include a beekeeper hat or a netted veil depending on your personal preference. It may or may not include gloves; again based on your preference.

The beekeeper’s hat and or netted veil will cover your neck and face and protect them from the inevitable attacks. While stings on the hand can be easily removed, your neck and face are more sensitive parts. Being stung anywhere usually hurts, unless you are really macho, but being stung on the neck and face is especially painful. And then again, you might really enjoy seeing the swollen face with its accompanying pain? Didn’t think so…!

Your suit will also, of course, provide protection for the rest of your body as bees have this annoying habit of finding their way inside your shirt or pants or pant legs and then letting you know that they are irritated with you. Again, being stung anywhere is uncomfortable, but some areas are downright rude!


Now imagine yourself all donned up in your “fashionable beekeeping suit” and excited to see your bees. You stroll right up to your hive and open it, and find yourself surrounded and attacked by agitated bees. This is not the time for great meditation of what went wrong. It’s the time for you to do something!

You can close the hive and let them settle down. But if you feel that it will take too much time before you can come back and attempt another inspection; then this is where the smoker comes in.

As you might imagine from the name, the smoker emits smoke and the smoke calms the bees. When your bees are calm, you can now do your work. Be prepared in the beginning and purchase your smoker along with your bees and their hive.

Well there you have it. Here are some of the beekeeper supplies you will need and that you can purchase locally or on the internet. We wish you total success in your new and wonderful world of beekeeping!

There are still many beekeeper supplies that are not mentioned in this article and you need to have them. Click here and find out what those are. If you would like to know more about beekeeping, please visit our website.

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