Essential Beekeeping Supplies

Essential Beekeeping Supplies

Article by Robert Fenn

Beekeeping supplies are necessary like any other hobby or business. Tools, supplies and equipment make your ambition come true or not. If you go cheep on the supplies you will regret later on and then it will be too late. Sometimes you may have to start all over again. So play close attention the the most needed supplies for beekeepers.

The first and foremost supply is the veil and a hat or a combination of two in one. The bees do get aggravated and attack when threatened or they sense danger. This sting is supposed to be pretty cruel and venomous. They can cause serious injury if untreated and even allergies can develop in some individuals. So make sure you buy a hat veil combo or individually to protect he most exposed part of your body which is the face.

Beekeeping needs your hand a lot; you will need to put your hand into hive many times, so for the hand buy a pair gloves to cover them, even though it may be a little inconvenient work with the gloves.There is also the body suit usually white in color which helps the situation with bees. Your body is next exposed and your work clothes will not stand a chance against the sharp powerful bee stings. The venom bees release is called pheromones.

There are times the bees will have no nectar to collect or very little like in winter. These are times the bees can starve and may die. In order to prevent that we have feeders. These feeders are used in different ways at different times, but essentially they are tools to help you feed sugar syrup to the bees to sustain and enable them lay eggs in time of less honey gathered.

There is also another way beekeepers adopt to keep the bees away while working on the hives, which is called the smoker. A smoker is equipment that creates smoke and blows that into the hives. Most common materials like waste wood, paper pulp, compressed cotton can be used as fuel material. The smoke creates an emergency situation and bees normally leave in a hurry and you can work free without them buzzing around.

The bees have some wonderful emergency warning system through the guard bee and a smoke can trigger that signal and they flee or attack. But a smoke deters them from attack since this annoys them and suffocates so they will leave the immediate vicinity to safer place where there is no smoke, which will give us enough time to work with the hives.

The best supply for beekeeping is the hives and the box to house them. These can be found in a hobby or bee shop. There are two kinds of hives, the frames type or the top-bar hive. In America we use the frames type and that is enough for the time being. A wax sheet or plastic sheet to form the frames where the bees will deposit their honey. We take the honey out through next equipment called the extractor.


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