When You Buy Bee Pollen UK Brands, Remember These Facts

When You Buy Bee Pollen UK Brands, Remember These Facts

If you are concerned at all about how to select the best when buying bee pollen, read on.  As regards the issues to remember before you buy bee pollen UK brands, bear in mind that many large companies are not revealing exactly where the bee harvesting areas are. They are also not giving us much information on the points I have listed below. If the pollen is mass produced, this is even more important.

When you buy from your local beekeeper, you are probably fairly sure that he has not been feeding his bees with fructose syrup or even giving them antibiotics! But you never know.

Here are some things to remember before you decide if a bee pollen UK brand is really up to international standards. If it can meet all these criteria, then you can feel fairly safe in buying it. If not, then steer clear and look at the antipodes for a much better quality product.

Here are the things to look out for:-

the company reveals the harvesting and foraging areas used by their bees. This is to ensure that they are far away from highly industrialized areas and that there is no risk of ingesting a few chemical toxins in this miracle food.
the company will state clearly that there are no added starch or glucose or other additives which could compromise the quality of the product.
beekeepers are regulated and follow set procedures to preserve the health of their bee colonies
freeze dried processes are in place for gathering it instead of any heat or cool dry procedures. The latter are not nearly so effective in keeping the essential nutrients.

As in many other countries, scientists are now working around the clock to ensure that they come to some sort of consensus as to what is the main cause of the bees’ decimation. Studies at the University of Worcester are leading the way in this. They have decided that by examining the pollen that is sent them by beekeepers from many different counties, they can see which ones survive best. They then know that the plants or flowers they feed on can be increased so that they have a greater chance of not being killed off.

If you are not getting the answers you want from the above questions or if the information is rather difficult to find, why not look further afield. If we move to New Zealand, we know that the environment is free of heavy industry, there is little or no air pollution and all the beekeepers there are strictly regulated. That means the purest and cleanest possible bee pollen you could get anywhere.

I also happen to know that the processing adheres to GMP standards and that there are several guarantees as well, should you not be satisfied with your purchase. Why not check out this bee pollen info to compare with before you buy bee pollen UK brands. You will be glad you did !



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