Beekeeping Videos Recently Added

A how to video for those interested in dipping their BeeHives in a mixture of Gum Rosin and Paraffin [...]
Rob Gabriel explains and demonstrates the component parts of the beehives used at Gabriel's Honey Fa [...]
I share how I am preparing my honey bee hive for fall. I have one hive that I don't think has enough [...]
Bees raise their body temperature to cook an invading hornet. Bees are badass mofos. Watch more vid [...]
Brett gives us the inside look on one of his apiary lots, and provides some key info on beekeeping. [...]
Welcome to my 4th video. This video series details a year in the life of a new beekeeper. It has it' [...]
Since opening at the West Side Market in 2010, Jorgensen's Apiary has been offering a wide variety o [...]
Because bees fly out of the hive only a few feet then spiral up to about 15 to 29 feet into the sky [...]
In this video I show you how I paint and stain my beehive so it will last a very long time. I first [...]
Rafter Beekeeping of Giant Honeybees (Apis dorsata) and a Sustainable Honey-harvest...captured In NW [...]
Demonstrating the honey refractometer on the 2013 early summer harvest. Season 3, Episode 2. [...]
Paul Towers Organizing and Media Director of Pesticide Action Network North America and Tom Philpott [...] Follow our crew as we spend a week working bees, making up 3 lb packa [...]
BEEKEEPING Honey is known to be an effective natural medicine, used as a traditional remedy in the t [...]