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Just one day after hiving, foraging bees are returning with pollen to the hive. [...]
Finest propolis in the USA from Durham's Bee Farm, Inc. [...]
Millions of honey bees continue to mysteriously disappear, but five years later researchers are no c [...]
The morning after a big rain storm, the hive's front porch is littered with bee corpses and other de [...]
A how to video for those interested in dipping their BeeHives in a mixture of Gum Rosin and Paraffin [...]
by Virginia Butler YNN There's a buzz in the agriculture community about beekeepers. According to th [...]
Beekeeping basics episode 2 Thanks for watch viewers and please subscribe. Please Subscribe, Comment [...]
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This video explains the basics, in very easy to understand language. The video is a little 'shaky' b [...]
bee suit olive. [...]
what you are going to need to get started beekeeping. [...] In this video you learn quite a lot about bees. By letting them do what [...]
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [...]
Beekeeper James Dearsley teaches Charlie Dimmock the basics of beekeeping. Available to buy from www [...]