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http://www.guidetobeekeeping.infoIs it possible to do city beekeeping? Please watch this video for a [...]
How we set up our bee packages. Starting with buying the bee packages off the truck of Bill Ferris, [...]
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by Virginia Butler YNN There's a buzz in the agriculture community about beekeepers. According to th [...]
A recent study published by University of Bristol researchers shows that bumblebees use electricity [...]
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Honey Bee Swarm On Vehicle June 2, 2010 Thank you youtubers for all of your feedback! You never ceas [...]
Check out the different types of bees and their behaviours and suitability as your choice to start b [...] .. How To Be A Beekeeper how to keep bees how to raise bees beekeeping for [...]
Here in Dorset, Filberts aims to create a growing range of products that offer an alternative to the [...]
thank you to the ladies at the American Paper Company here in Starke, Florida. Also a good little tr [...]
IWF Documentary about a Heather Skep Apiary in Central Europe, Northern Lower Saxony [...]
This hive with 5 supers has a crackling sound coming from the middle super. It does have a queen exc [...]
Open feeding honey bees,pro and con. Beehive top feed bottles by Beekeeper John Pluta, Milledgeville [...]