Block Spotlight – Apiary revisited

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quetzi74 says:

You run through a centrifuge (search my channel for the spotlight on that) and you can get other products such as propolis, honey etc etc

40853412 says:

What do I use the honeycombs for?

quetzi74 says:

the apiary just needs 1 of the correct flower. As the bees work they will spawn new flowers of that type if there is space for them to go. That’s why you will often see an apiary surrounded by flowers.

Voffen12345 says:

Do you need one of every flower, or how does it work?

WhoDaFuhRS says:

Thank you! Using FTB mod pack and diamond mining drill doesn’t work apparently.

quetzi74 says:

Pick axe will work fine 😉

WhoDaFuhRS says:

What do you use to retrieve these after being placed? (or to steal from villagers >=] )

updownjiggleman says:

Thank you so much ive been looking for this! with the frames and stuff

Gem H says:

“you’ll see apiaries in the back garden, which you may decide to.. walk off with” made me giggle, creative block repositioning =)

Raven Whitefang says:

Unless it’s been changed recently you can use Routers to input and output the apiaries slots.

nairobie755 says:

You can get combs from an apiary without a frame in it. The chances are rather low though so I would highly recommend making frames, even if it’s just the lowest tier one.

raythetechguy1 says:

Thanks for updating this device! I’m learning FTB and there are so many things to learn that i really appreciate your time and effort putting together your block spotlights.

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