Backyard Beekeeping Part 23: Honey Refractometer

Demonstrating the honey refractometer on the 2013 early summer harvest. Season 3, Episode 2.


Backyard Beekeeping says:

My daughter is an alumnus of the University of Arizona. I love Arizona, it’s a beautiful state!

Backyard Beekeeping says:

Thanks Andrew. I bought my hives along with the hive top feeder online from the Walter T. Kelly company (kellybees,com). For the stand dimensions check out my video “Backyard Beekeeping Part 15: Building a Two Hive Stand” for stand dimensions and construction tips.

Andrew Song says:

One other thing.
I have seen you wearing a t-shirt with Arizona printed on.
Any connection to the State?
I live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Andrew Song says:

I have enjoyed your videos tremendously and am very encourage to go on my journey to beekeeping in the city.
May I ask which supplier you’ve used.
I particularly like the feeder system you used.
Also, may I get the dimension of the stand you have built…I think I will begin making it first.
Thank you for your help and your inspiration.

Backyard Beekeeping says:

That was very interesting, looks like ‘old school’ beekeeping. I love the pipe smoker they use. Thanks for watching.

Gerri T says:

Thank you so much, its wonderful to watch your harvest! You might like to see how they do this in Saxton England, using the Skep Apiary. It’s so very interesting how different the process is, but also very similar. You can watch on channel pxsloot07, called Heathland Beekeeping. Good luck with future harvests!

Edward Pawlus says:

No I don’t sell it, what I don’t use I give away to friend, family & neighbors. I suppose If i keep getting harvests like this last one I just might start selling it though. Thanks for watching and I hope you do start a hive, the world can always use another beekpeer!

Edward Pawlus says:

I hope you do take up beekeeping, it’s not a lot of work and it’s a lot of fun. The one time I’ve had them shipped it was through the USPS and it came singly just as you seen it in the video. Since then I either drive up to Watertown WI and pick them up myself or get them from my beekeeping club.

Edward Pawlus says:

Thanks! Things are going very well so far. It looks like I’ll have second bumper harvest this summer.

flyingkettle says:

Jr WBC rv

Stephanie Long says:

I love all your videos! I can’t wait to start my own hives 🙂 Do you sell the honey at local markets?

cooper1410 says:

How are your bees shipped do you get just one box of bees or more?
I am thinking about beehiving next year

Backyard Beekeeping says:

You’re welcome. Thanks for watching!

BreathOfLifeFlutes says:

Thank you for uploading your beekeeping experiences. It is quite interesting, and I look forward to seeing how the rest of your year goes!

Backyard Beekeeping says:

Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for watching!

Backyard Beekeeping says:

Thank you! We also get around 20-25 kg per hive/per harvest. My honey is mostly from wildflowers and trees. The wildflowers I usually see are Queen Anne’s lace, mikweed, goldenrod, thistle, and dandelion and I have all the trees you typically find in the US midwest: maple, fruit trees , basswood, willow etc…

Backyard Beekeeping says:

I think I will make mead! The girls are working overtime and It looks like I’ll be harvesting another 100 lbs any day now.

Backyard Beekeeping says:

شكرا لك.

Backyard Beekeeping says:

Is there anything Google can’t do? Thanks!

Backyard Beekeeping says:

Thanks! I purchased a starter kit with some misc items like the hive top feeder at kellybees,com and that cost around $425 delivered. A 3lb swarm of bees with shipping was around $100 . So you can plan to spend around $525 to get started. The honey harvesting equipment is more expensive. I also bought a kit, this time at Dadant,com and it cost around $750 delivered. There are cheaper alternatives though. If you’re ambitious you can build most things yourself and jury-rig others.

Constant Gardener says:

Nice to see you back again. You might be a relative beginner but your videos are very good, – your explanations are succinct and informative and the images are always of a high standard. I learn something each time and look forward to the next one! Thank you

Matija Zore says:

I love watching your videos! I am a hobby beekeeper as well, but in Slovenia (Europe) :). I would like to ask you wihch sorts of honey do you harvest in your area and how much can an avarege hive provide. Where I live an avarege hive can provide up to 20-25kg of honey to harvest in a year. Our main harvests are acacia, chesnut and forest honey. Keep up the good work!

Doug Fenske says: says his comment is…. “Good crop of honey luck”

Doug Fenske says:

Or…. make mead !!!!  As a last resort, ship it to me and I will use it. Grin.

Charlie Kennedy says:

I watched all your videos because I wanna do this but I have a few questions to ask . But thanks for the videos , the info you shared was really helpful … If its cool to ask you some questions about the price to start and how much it cost to keep them . Again thanks buddy for the videos

CaptainGoodnightt says:

Ah, I was considering buying that book. I will invest in it soon. I’m also just curious if honey bees are prone to attack from other species of bees, simply because there is an abundant amount of Bor Bees, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and some Hornets where I live. Will these harm Honey Bees if I were to get any?

Backyard Beekeeping says:

Thanks for watching. I hope you do start a hive, the world can always use one more beekeeper!

Backyard Beekeeping says:

Yes definitely I’m an amateur hobbyist. What I don’t use I give away to friends and family. I would start by going to the library and finding a beginners book on beekeeping, I started with “Beekeeping for Dummies”. After that, join your local beekeeping club to meet other beekeepers. They will be your best source of information.

Backyard Beekeeping says:

Thanks, yes, this was definitely my best harvest to date. The bees have almost filled up the supers again! It’s going to be a good year.

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