Newbie Backyard Beekeeper Seeks Help: Bees Acting Strangely

This is my first hive so I’m learning as I go. Can you help!? I have observed some odd behavior from my bees over the last few days. This is from the first day I noticed the bees acting strangely. Could it be mites? Could they be poisoned by some leftover, dry adhesive (gorrilla glue) that I used when trying to put weather stripping on the hive?


natara923 says:

A lot of these foam insulations use chemicals that will outgas for years. Try to keep all chemicals away from the bees!

spraywithpleasure says:

I wood love to no how your bee hiv is doing did you get any anser?

docbaza says:

What is the temp? What is their current water source? Are these bees registered with your county to prevent pesticide exposure? Do they still have a queen? Where did you get the hive from? Are they varroa/tracheal mite resistant?

I hope your bees are doing well!

gstonegraphix says:

They act like they don’t have a queen……

Dc Woods says:

how do you start a backyard hive? where do you get a queen?

matthew feldman says:

Did it stop or is it still going on?

Tickets825 says:

Its probably hot or mating seasions or bees just cleaning the bottom board my thought is the heat i did see some fanner bees in there or may be they collected little water that day

Michael Manfre says:

Probably just the heat. My bees beard on the hot & humid days. I don’t have as large of a landing board for them, so they climb up the front of the hive..

simplelivingskills says:

Thank you everyone for your comments and help. I have put a shad umbrella over the hive to keep it cooler, and tonight I’ll try to scrape off the leftover dried glue. So far today they’re acting “normal”. Could have just been the heat.

abm0762 says:

a bee keeping friend suggested that its the heat but he hasnt watched the video

PCrimaldi says:

Perhaps you could build a new box for them…perhaps there was something in the material that’s affecting them? Or perhaps they realized that this wasn’t their home and they are revolting? Perhaps the heat of the summer just started to cause the glue to unbind?

HomesteadProvocateur says:

This is abnormal? Seems they are preoccupied with something as opposed to going about their daily business. Wish I could help! 🙁

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