Rafter Beekeeping in NW Cambodia

Rafter Beekeeping of Giant Honeybees (Apis dorsata) and a Sustainable Honey-harvest…captured In NW Cambodia on 15 March 2013, during a Field Trip to a raft…


BeesUnlimited says:

No over-wintering; but they migrate, in such of food.

VascoPolonia says:

Thanks for the info. I wonder what those insects do out of season. After all they don’t winter in hot climates, or do they?

BeesUnlimited says:

Thank Nikon for that!!

BeesUnlimited says:

Jacek, it was all done on iMovie… We’d love to take you out to see the bees next time you’re in the Siem Reap area–but keep in mind that Giant Honeybee season is normally from Oct/Nov-Mar/Apr… February and March would probably be best to take in some sustainable honey-harvesting action… I can’t wait!!

Astral Jester says:

Great bee action, lovely and clear!

VascoPolonia says:

Wow. Lovely. We haven’t seen those bees. On our next trip to SR we definitely must take that excursion. I wonder how you have edited your video. Windows MM, the Pinnacle I recommended or something else? Jacek

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