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Here are the last section of frames. Thought I’d put them together so you can see how the honey bees are working the frames. Forgive my excitement and what I think I may know. ­čśë Too much Google reading and of course the good old country boy talk. BTW, seems to be NOT brood but honey and pollen storage. The goober things are pollen stores.


1whatever100 says:

Nice bees, they don’t need that much smoke,Start from one end ,then go in. They start in the center an go to the sides..You´╗┐ will do great,it just takes time .

shampton68 says:

Please take an end frame out and lay it aside. I hate to see people struggle to get frames´╗┐ out and shove them back in. You will have a better look at your frames and those big gloves just get in the way. They were not aggressive at all so take the gloves off. Great looking bees and brood by the way. I went from 2 hives to 14.

rovhatree says:

you are crazy by not´╗┐ using long pants

cuercuscoccifera says:

Go find a better´╗┐ tool…

supertadpole says:

One of those… duh.. moments.

I was so caught up in the excitement´╗┐ of seeing the bees.


a10fuelfxr says:

I find it easier to remove one of the outside frames then you can separate and slide the´╗┐ frames apart and back together without rolling or crushing the bees. There are rarely any bees on the outside frames anyway.

supertadpole says:

Excuse the outburst when I dropped the frame. Showing how´╗┐ important it is to have frame grabbers. I could have killed the queen. Not good!

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