The magic of urban beekeeping: a backyard San Francisco hive

Perhaps motivated by a drive to prop up the bee populations decimated by colony collapse disorder, beekeeping has become popular in cities worldwide. We visit one San Francisco beekeeper who keeps her hive in a Bernal Heights backyard where she escapes once a week to check on her colony. For Alexandra Danieli, beekeeping is part meditation and part fascination with a magical world of GPS, honing pheromones and group intelligence.


IFknHateUTube says:

Yeah but in the city the bees collect a lot of sugar from spilled soda, wine, beer, kool-aid, dumpsters, candy and other sorts of garbage quality human foods. There are numerous instances of urban honey turning green or red from the shit that bees end up bringing home. I understand the value of not having the bees at risk of rural pesticides but I really have a hard time buying the argument that urban honey is more pure or less adulterated than rural honey.

FoodFresh93 says:

So cool. We all need to do this. Nature has so many resources that we have been sold on disregarding. Bees, certainly are one of those living creatures.

survivorman86 says:

Great vid!!!

clarksonbarry says:

Beautifully done. Any beginner could profit from this movie. Nice clear speech too.
A dedicated beekeeper talking to her bees!
All those supers. Mediterranean climate. Perfect!

kidgecartoon says:

Wonderful! Exactly the reason I am keeping bees in my backyard!
To God bee the glory!

regikeyz says:

NIce I liked this, I think it would have been great to show the honey being extracted, also if the length was shortened 30 – 50%, make it more snappy.. but overall its nice, well done

Harley Hill says:

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mamashabooboo says:

i want to keep bees but damn rented accommodations

Philip Barr says:

a) cute lady. b) STRONG looking hive!

mowells says:

Best way to learn beekeeping; find a beekeeper nearby — at the farmer’s market — and ask questions. Practices vary across the country, so while youTube videos are great, what they do in California can differ somewhat from what works best in Minnesota, especially in the area of overwintering. The big producers typically move bees south or to California. Ask to go along to the bee yards and to watch honey extraction back at the honey house. Most beekeepers are very open to helping out beginners.

mowells says:

You should have no major problems in Minnesota. As a hobby I kept bees for years in South and North Dakota, some of the best honey producing areas of the country. Two years in a row, I harvested over 400 pounds of honey from two hives, (never had more than three producing hives.) That’s well over 30 gallons and way more than enough for my family and to give, give, give away! In the Dakotas the flowering season is short but intense. Canada also has great honey production. Good luck to you!

TheMrsadhd says:

Great video! I am going to start my first hive next month and am really exicited. I bought the very same hive as this woman, which is a little smaller than most, making it more manageable. I hope my bees do this well – I live in MN so the weather isn’t as ideal (for bees and people!)

newmysite says:

OH WOW such a great smooth video! Enlightening calm relaxed and very informative content. The cute pregnent mama beekeeper Alex was very sweet and knowledgeble for a beginner. And her warm character and gentle approach is so cool along with her great accent =) It was like listening to a very nice story! Thanks

Apijoan7 says:

Very interesting beekeeping is very interesting is in the city or countryside.

workwithnature says:

Great video, I do beekeeping me self 🙂

jannassary says:


MrChickendog says:

thank you very helpful !

Juniper Jupiter says:

It’s nice to see that sometimes the best teachers are the ones that are still learning! 🙂

greatmasterboy says:

Thank you kirstendirksen for the reply. I appreciate it.

kirstendirksen says:

I just shot the video, but I asked “the bee lady”, Alex, and she said : “The bees were ordered through the San Francisco beekeeping society. They help beginners and also advanced beekeepers with resources, meetings, rental equipment and ordering bees. I guess they want to make sure that people know what they’re doing since there is quite a lot to it. Most cities or counties seem to have a bee club or a bee association to help with all that.”

greatmasterboy says:

This was a simple yet informative video especially for those who don’t know anything about beekeeping like me. The bee lady seemed very nice too. I suddenly became interested in keeping a beehive.Where did you order your bee package ?

ArtaniAM says:

Very nice hobby.
You have a very good colonies of bees here. (maybe they are Buckfast , considering the very fast development of the colony).
You are right about the urban bees in comparison with the country bees. I have 3 beehives in the city of Amsterdam and 2 others in the countryside of Amsterdam. Definitively those in the city go much better than those in the countryside.

I like your video and the accent in your English.


vention4wh says:

Awesome work both the bee keeper lady and you for filming her.

deanznz says:

this lady was very interesting to listen to and it sounds like she has done her homework very well…. which is quite rare for someone on youtube…. ha ha.

alexaa77 says:

Great job Kirsten!!

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