Up Next: Adam Savage from Myth Busters on Food Myths, Backyard Beekeeping, Making Ice Cream and More

Here is what is next to come on Cooking Stoned. I am driving around California for three weeks in a Chevy Volt visiting sustainable farms, food producers and wineries. I will even be meeting with folks like Adam Savage from Myth Busters, musician Michelle Branch and many, many more. Stay tuned for this special feature and let me know what you think.


Cayce Wallace says:

Come see me in Davis you foodie you!

NatashaMays says:

I think this is an amazing channel! Its great that you are going to introduce people to sustainable farms, because most people are unaware of this concept. Keep up this astonishing work!

mpgomatic says:

Very cool! Will you be charging the Volt each night and at stops during the day? It would be awesome to keep a running tally of how much gasoline is burned on each leg of the voyage.

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