2013 02 Cut box tail joints into multiple boards for bee hive box

First in a series of videos that document the cuts needed for Langstroth bee hive supers. This one shows an improvised sled that lets me cut box tail (finger…


Gary Lundberg says:

Nice Doug

Doug Brown says:

Hi Wes. I just made sure that the bottom cuts matched exactly, then that ensured that all the future joints matched too. Does that make sense?

Wes Myers says:

What to use to shim up the jig when you cut the opposing sides?

Doug Brown says:

Hi Justin. You know, I’ve heard the same thing and you just have to see what works. With a dado blade, my suspicion is that the wide cross cut grabs a lot of wood and tape wouldn’t stop the splintering. But I know for sure that if the hole in the backboard/fence is exactly the size of the joint (like mine is) then you won’t get any cutout.

Justin Brown says:

One question I have on the “sacrificial board”… I have heard of guys using masking or duct tape on the last board to keep the edge from splintering. Have you tried that before? If so, how successful (or not) was it?

Justin Brown says:

Great video! Stuff like this are what make the internet great.

Well narrated and explained both visually and orally. Ready to make my own finger joints now!

Doug Brown says:

Hey Dave, ready and willing.

olddumpbear says:

Great video, Doug. I’m excited to start building my own bee equipment!

Doug Brown says:

Thanks Richard. I see we both keep bees, brew beer and play guitar. Excellent pursuits all around.

Richard Martin says:

Good job.

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