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Open feeding honey bees,pro and con. Beehive top feed bottles by Beekeeper John Pluta, Milledgeville Georgia. Beekeeping fall bee feeding ideas and variation…


John C says:

Do you just juice it and then use the jar feeder?

tyreza79 says:

i give water melon juce, they loveeee it, and it can feed a whole hive for more than 10 days !

tyreza79 says:

let them live too why not !
all insects are dying lately, because of pollution and isecticides,
i guess give all a chance is a good thing

tyreza79 says:

i love beeees 😀
how to build a traditional small hive ?

johnpluta says:

These are Pollination hives early in the spring BEFORE the Honey flow, NO supers are on the hives. JP

nickfrank1 says:

wouldn’t feeding your bees this way with the suger water change the taste of your honey quite a bit?

Ryan Bekke says:

John, I noticed that you have several of the solid black honey bees in your area here, I have several my self. Do you know what breed of honey bee they are?

Ryan Bekke says:

I hate yellow jackets.

Lystraatla says:

Full bees are happy bees 😛 And they’re more focused on getting that food…

sambee bees says:

sambee bees says:

i follow

sharkboy6166 says:

the best honey is the mountains then trees then houses of human
don’t feed the bees thy have to get food by themselves you will see the deferent between the natural and what human feeds them
we don’t eat what the human feed its like sugar mixed with water and very liquid but what thy got from the flowers its good and cast more than 100$ for 1kg mountain is expensive

Miles Thompson says:

“whahappensis” Gotta love local accents. 

999124999 says:

Don’t they sting?? Someone aware me how the bees are so calm

Rich Mountains says:

How can you tell that they need feeding ?

carol lindsey says:

why do you need to feed the bees? Don’t they get all of their food from nature?

John Whiteker says:

John, I am curious. You seem to have hives everywhere. Do you earn more money from honey production or from selling bees/queens? Also, can that many bees in a concentrated area find nectar sources, or is that why you have to feed so extensively?

sergey Zhivanevskaya says:

Kill da yella jacket

johnpluta says:

I’ve never been bitten
But I got stung ONCE.

johnpluta says:

I tell them not to.

johnpluta says:

Smaller holes or fewer.
I use a 1/16th drill bit 5 holes in a liter bottle.
The Quart jar feeder lids have about a hundred pinholes.
The jar also needs to be FULL so when turned over creates a vacuum

The zip lock bag idea I tried with disastrous results.
Two problems are smashing many bees when laying on frames
and needing an extra box as spacer room.

Marian M says:

to kill yellow jackets just put some sugar syrup+water in a open bottle(about half) close to beehive,(Syrup will tremble this is ok) the bees will not go in, but yellow jackets will, you can leave the bottle for all summer, you will be amazed .beekeepers in Russia do so

ThePenatron says:

who doesnt treat for nosema, and everyone has mites, so whats your point? mites are spread by drones more anyways, do you even keep bees or just sell honey?

ThePenatron says:

just because they make less honey than you doesnt mean that your a better beekeeper, after all the bees did the work, you must not know that theres more money in pollenation anyways, have fun keeping your 2 hives. dont quit your day job, and hes has way more than 100 hives btw more like 2000, but what does he know about it, he just makes a living keeping bees, and was trying to help out the backyard beekepers like yourself

Northland Honey says:

You have to be humble enough to accept that THIS IDEA IS NOT GOOD! and the only problem to me as a beekeeper is that I can’t control where my bees go for food! SO PLEASE!!! OTHER BEEKEEPERS PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS IDEA!

Northland Honey says:

1) VARROA otherwise, what’s the differences between bees having contact inside the hive or OUTSIDE. 2) TRACHEAL MITE, acarapis woody, once it left the trachea stays on the bees hair until it contacts another bee. 3) NOSEMA, if 1, 2, 3, etc, bees take a poo with nosema sporas around that area and other bees CLEAN that in the frenezi to get food, you spread the disease. 4) AMEBIASIS DE MALPIGHIO: same mechanism of contamination than nosema.

rascubulous says:

thank you for sharing

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