Beekeeping Part 12, Starting new hives, installing a package of bees

Part 12 in our series backs up and covers again how to install a 3 lb. package of bees. It’s that time of year again- time to get started with your bees or to replace colonies you lost over the winter. Thanks for watching!


jsbattlenet says:

wow great series of beekeeping vids thanks for´╗┐ making them. you still have the bees going now ?

meowey55 says:

thank you for posting these bees for beginner videos up ­čśÇ
now i wanna start´╗┐ my own beekeeping

TheGenielove says:

I was wondering if you could make a video about pollin catchers and the reason why you may have the use for one. Thanks for all the videos I wish I could come help you start a hive. : P´╗┐

audayhussain2 says:

the summer here in iraq is very hot ,,can i insert more frames to make the hive more larger inspite of hot whether?another question can you tell me is there any difference between plastic frames and wax frame because i saw in youtube some of the beekeeper put a plastic frames instead of the wax made´╗┐ by the bees?

stonewow101 says:

good u most make alot of money as collecting the honey or have a diff job that makes alot, i wish the hive makers would take in cosideration not many teen have the money to start this luckly i have scraped enought money´╗┐ to get a hive next year, amout 300 for hive and bees and then 100-500 for extractors and so on..

Gmailadi123 says:

where can i buy´╗┐ bees?

IPman77 says:

Great series, I was thinking of doing it, now I am doing it,´╗┐ Cheers!

pauluminous says:

K.´╗┐ Thanks!

SurvivalReport says:

Possible yes but not´╗┐ the best option. Good chance of getting Africanized bees or worse.

pauluminous says:

Cool series! Thanks for posting!
Would it be likely for local´╗┐ bees to start a colonie if I would just put up a bee hive?

Flyz2Fast says:

Way cool, Someday I would like to have my own bee hives!´╗┐

desertcajun10 says:

If you have multiple hives, do you have´╗┐ to seperate them by a certain distance? How much honey does a hive usually provide per year?

manvilletrain says:

thanks´╗┐ man you’ve helped me out a lot.

SurvivalReport says:

Seems like if you buy the stuff separate without´╗┐ the inner cover it saves some bucks. Also the un assembled bodies save some money. Their is other suppliers also. For a first timer I’d recommend buying put together frames.

manvilletrain says:

hey I am getting a beginner kit at brushymountain I was wondering if you know where I can ge ta better deal´╗┐ if any. theirs is a bit expensive thanks.

ustahyou says:

I live in Kosovo and i have a very good place here where i live the mountain with sweet chestnut are everywhere´╗┐ and a lot more food for bees but the only prob. i am afraid is that because the school is around 40 feet away , Thank u in responding me thank u all for those videos

manvilletrain says:

i think if you have them in the backyard that should be fine the bees wont attack anyone so its not like there dangerous to the school children but idk what kinda neighborhood you live in. Where do´╗┐ you live?

ustahyou says:

Thank u very much ! but the school is near 50 feet but they are already more than 50 feet from my house is that good? and the street´╗┐ is a little bit near them ­čÖü but i like bees what u suggest me? thank u very much

SurvivalReport says:

Don’t put them in your home obviously. I would put them at least 50 feet away from´╗┐ your home if possible facing away from the house if possible. Bees don’t eat school children so it shouldn’t be a problem near the school.

ustahyou says:

can someone help me? i need´╗┐ one advice how far from human in my home can i place bees? there is a school near my house can that be a problem ??? thanx for helping me

manvilletrain says:


SurvivalReport says:

Wouldn’t hurt to´╗┐ order early. A lot of places get backed up quick in the spring. Good luck!

manvilletrain says:

when should I place an order´╗┐ in for a package? a few weeks or months before or would now be good?

sassylindalou says:

Great job!! You did a great job explaining how to set up the box, something I’ve been really interested in for quite some time. Thanks for all the info. ´╗┐ Keep up the good work.

puddingbottom1 says:

very informative, and explained in easy´╗┐ terms…makes it look simple….thank you

SurvivalReport says:

All except the “diging bunkers” part anyway! They would fill with water´╗┐ down here.

Thanks for watching.

TheMelaniteSociety says:

Dang Dude, youve got beehives, saving gas, planting trees, diging bunkers…´╗┐ you are really doing it my friend. big respect…

yunk9 says:

Good´╗┐ vid.

SurvivalReport says:

Congrats! Good luck with´╗┐ your two new hives.

dipswell says:

thanks for the vid,´╗┐ I am 1 class away from graduating “Bee School” and my 2 packages of bees should be here 4/18/09 It looks like you do it pretty much by the book.

SurvivalReport says:

Depends on´╗┐ a lot of factors but after being established you can get 30-35 lbs. off of a shallow super. Watch the “honey harvest” video, part 8 and 9 I believe. ­čÖé

steelhorses2004 says:

Always enjoy your videos! Curious – how much honey´╗┐ does an average hive produce each year?

neven01 says:

great tip about the psych value for security purpose lol
Well done and very straight forward information as always Thank you for providing this´╗┐ info to everyone who wants to better their survival knowledge for free too!

SurvivalReport says:

Sure have. Various things can make a colony decide to jet out- wax moth destruction, lack of food, critters getting into the hive, etc. We had a major problem with wax moths last fall. They truly the demon spawn of hell! LOL´╗┐

Honey3asal says:

great video !! o yeah bees are the´╗┐ best , without those beautiful bees we wont be living now belive me !!

asperin says:

Bee keeping is easy and good for everyone, including the bees´╗┐ that do most of the work pollinating our plants and making honey.

dipswell says:

Getting my bees in April, finishing up bee school right now. good vid thanks´╗┐

lonewulf44 says:

Love the bee videos … great and informative. Very helpful. Keep´╗┐ them coming!

cruddiestcrudever says:

I wish we could buy package bees in Australia, but no now Im stuck waiting for spring and a´╗┐ swarm…like 6 months >:-(

dmacosta1 says:

thanks for´╗┐ sharing

EbolaV1rus says:

Another´╗┐ excellent video, thanks for sharing it with us!

ROFLpwnedvideos says:

Do the hives ever fight?
Have you had a colony decide they didn’t like the hive´╗┐ and leave?

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