BEEKEEPING,American foulbrood powdered sugar mix.Small Hive Beetle traps.GA. Sugar water feeding.

VISIT Beekeeping, Foulbrood,American or European Terramycin powdered sugar mixing,beehive application.Beekeepers sugar water syrup bottle top feeding ideas. Small hive beetle trap bee hive placement options.Beetles bait tube trap filling locations,beehives bottom board options. Beekeeper John Pluta,Milledgeville Georgia Honey bee hives


danthadon87 says:

@johnpluta how much bee pollen do you eat in a day John?? You seem to be really active for your age. I hear beekeepers live longer than any other professional.

onemouse1 says:

Thanks John. You really do have some of the best ” teaching” vids on bees. You take the time to do this, and the ” common man” way you go into each subject, makes one comfortable to try out you’re methods.

workwithnature says:

Cool 🙂

Merlin5x5 says:

LMAO, NOT that a coffee desperate guy would mistake sugar and teramyecin for vanilla coffee, but heck, I might drink that myself. Got some with strawberry?

TheJerryRN says:

John, I know it is best to alternate treatments for various diseases..Often Terramysin was alternated with Tylan. What are you doing or going to do if Terramycin is being taken off the market (I have not heard this from a reliable resource so maybe this is not accurate) because diseases will become resistant to Terramycin as single drug therapy?

1toomanyhobbies says:

thanks for posting this John!

Duboisi says:

A piece of fishing line on the trap would make it easier to retrieve for refilling.

johnpluta says:

I use Tylan,expensive but works very well.
Still cheaper than dealing with foulbrood.

Jon Taylor says:

what do you use now i heard terramyion is not being made any more and the stuff that is replacing it cost 3 times as much

gallo1252 says:

Thanks for the teaching, I’m new and can use all the help I can get. Great video

ometec says:

Thanks for coming to the meeting tonight
I was pleased to find out that my take on the Carolinians was much like yours.
Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

Ronnie Bennett says:

Excellent video, I learn so much better by seeing rather than reading.
Thank you.

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