Beekeeping,Sugar Water Mixing,Beekeeper Beehive Honey bees feeding Beekeeper mixing sugar water for beehive feeding. Beekeeping bee hive feed ideas, 1 or 5 gallon versions. Beekeepers bee syrup. Honey bees raise more brood when fed. Answers to how much, when, why, by John Pluta, Milledgeville Georgia.Don’t let your honeybees starve in winter,also good for spring build up stimulation . I’ve got on away from corn syrup feeding,worried about genetic modified corn and colony collapse disorder possible link. It’s also good to not forget adding medication only when needed. Fumagilin for nosema and maybe tylan for American foulbrood . Feedind is also a must when raising Queens or Queen cells, GAbeekeeping


Megahs2010 says:

Is it 1:1 or 2:1 water to sugar? Not sure which option better – thanks

1lillylangtree says:

I found a bee in a bucket of water and took him out. He is still alive this morning but can’t fly yet, but I think he’s hungry. How can I offer the sugar water to the bee and can I add rose essential oil to it or lavender essential oil?  How can I feed? Thanks, I know It’s off topic, but I love the bees. Thanks

LindaMarie2 says:

Hi John, I have question for you,concerning bees. I just filled my Hummingbird feeder with nector….. (from a company I buy it from) GardenSong ~Made with 100% Sucrose. And I noticed the honey bees are all around it…! Is this nector harmful to the bees…? They seem to be going crazy over this stuff !!! And yes, I do have a hummingbird or two come by every morning or so….

EMFinduction says:

Thanks John… good info.

66CJMatt says:

I’m picking up a bee package tonight and got syrup ready for feeding. Made the discovery that a gallon of boiling water plus 7.5 pounds of sugar makes a LOT more than a gallon of syrup. D’oh! I thought the sugar dissolving wouldn’t increase the volume so much.

MaxSAgent86 says:

Good man. Very informative. Thanks John.

liquidgold2009 says:

HFCS turns to HMF(hydroxymethylfurfural) when heated, similar to formaldehyde. Also HFCS is a by-product of a GMO crop which is designed to hurt insects. Brilliant, lets use a by-product of some thing that is designed to kill insects.
I’ve gotten totally away from using any types of sugar to feed my bees. I started wintering over in 3 deeps back in 07′. Been averaging 0-8% loss since then.

Erick plascencia says:


chuckarama451 says:

I’ve not seen the research that says that yet. I like to review sources directly. Do you know what research specifically says feeding High Fructose Corn Syrup is bad?  You are correct that Honey is mainly Fructose+Glucose, but that is EXACTLY the very definition of what HFCS is, so they seem very compatible with honey making, in my ignorance, perhaps. Sucrose (white sugar) can be broken down into Fructose and Glucose and often is “inverted” by beekeepers. But HFCS is already there..

chuckarama451 says:

I’ve heard a few folks say they are not feeding corn syrup anymore, but I’ve never heard an explanation of why. But from a bee nutrition standpoint, don’t the bees need a mix of both sucrose and fructose sugars in their diet? So why cut out corn syrup? Seems like a good, cheap source of fructose to mix into the bee diet. Inverted sugar produces a similar effect by splitting sucrose into fructose and glucose. Seems a healthy bee would obtain all three in the wild… What am I missing?

epawlus77 says:

Thanks for these hands-on videos. Not knowing any better I work from a couple of books but find your hands-on videos very useful … specially the re-use of everyday stuff, like your funnel.

arundhanuparan100 says:

fantastic buddy

medini2 says:

this is vital information i think,anyway, for beekeepers…

MrLarryhoward1 says:

Hello John,
Thank you for the teaching videos. How much salt would you use during winter in the 5 gallon bucket?

Thank You,


shemphen9 says:

i see your point too…but i give to the late swarm honey which i have store from the other kolony…….if we really love them and respect them we should do that..but of course if you dont have honey then sugar maybe is better then nothing……and sure..i was living in the inidan jungle for 7 mounts and the jungle was full of fruitd and eatable plants….and yes if there was no other food i will also eating meat after making a pray for the animal which i was going to

shemphen9 says:

jesus gived fish to people but is he didint eat it himself….yes i didnt walk with jesus wasmy first master and i did a big research about him…not only from the bibble cause we all know that the bibble is made 300 years after him and just to controll people and in the 315 ac the roman imperatore costantino changed parts of it to riunite all the cristian….have you seen zeigeist??!!…..take a look at it …..once more…..FREE THE BEES 🙂

shemphen9 says:

@green2lean @green2lean have you try to give them hamburger???!!!! be serious dear brother… would like if just before you get paid i come there and take all your money you did made by your hard work and giving you instead some toilette paper??!!!im sure you will complain….you should always leave enougth honey for them …..i never have to feet my bees..they got their own honey….this is what bees are suppost to eat,honey not sugar,,,,wake up..

shemphen9 says:

have you try to give them hamburger???!!!! be serious dear brother… would like if just before you get paid i come there and take all your money you did made by your hard work and giving you instead some ttte paper??!!!im sure you will complain….leave the honey to their food

shemphen9 says:

dont do to others what you dont want others do to you…….do you think jesus was stilling the honey from the bees and give them sugary water??!!!!ahhahahahah..1th you should know that the bible is base on the ancient sumerian made from clay….adam..the flod…the all stuff from the ancient sumerian clay tablets wrote more then 8000 years ago…and yes meat is not food…but im sure you as a good cristian you eat meat..sorry to tell you but jesus was vegetarian

shemphen9 says:

..bees are on planet earth from more then 45 milions years…longer befor man….so they can easely live with out us……when i said free the bees i mean we should starts to respect them and not just missused them….ccd is the resoults of various factors boths materialy and energeticaly…i have bees but only once a year in the beginning of summer i take one frame of honey….and i use it as madicine…because this is what it is A MEDICINE and not something to put on the pancake

shemphen9 says:

leave the honey to the bees….white sugar is not good even for us……the reason of ccd( colony collapse desorder ) relay also on how we treat our lovely bees…..sugar water is one of them… the bees….and bying doing so you will free your self…om mani padme hung

Hamish121212 says:

Does anyone know of an easy to make feeder using rubbish like 2L bottles? I want to start feeding my bees now but dont have the cash to buy a feeder.

slacker361 says:

how much salt do you mix in for the winter feeding

StriderGTS says:

Very helpful!  Thanks!

juanpinchame says:

Thank you , for sharing John.

Carrownaff says:

It crystalizes because everything is filthy. you need to have your equipment squeekey clean and a stainless paddle not wood. Love your video keep it coming. yours in beekeeping B.

Brian01331 says:

We love the info John keep it coming.

slacker361 says:

corn syrup = bee death

fotohogger says:

Thanks. Very practical. Excellent.

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