FatBeeMan Frame building and installing wax foundation

Assembling frames and inserting wax foundation, the FatBeeMan way. Doing the basics right sets up the proper foundation (pun intended) for healthy bee hives….


james shep says:

ty don im new to keeping bees I will be getting my fisrt hive in late May and I cant find bees for sale but there are two bee keepers with in a half of a mile and I hope to draw there sworms to my new hive , i went and got lemon grass oil to try and get them what else would you suggest me to do to draw them from that far away

jr johnson says:

just leave the fishin line out  and cut comb, and how about put 1/2 sheet wax into frame let bees make rest of comb. would not that work Don?

Coleman Wadsworth says:

Great video don, thanks for the info

Kerami özdemir says:


fineshooter says:

no sorry I don’t sell any

Elaine Greene says:

Do you sell your frames with the wax foundations? If so what is your price for the 9 1/8 with shipping?

fineshooter says:

I am trying.

genelle1959 says:

Thanks so much Don. Your videos are well organized and straight to the point. Keep em coming.

richiieriich says:

I need help to make my honey extraction pan to do 20 at a time

Jiu Xianghou says:

Sweet thanks.

fineshooter says:

yes I use 18 ga. on frames

fineshooter says:

I have a video up now on it.

Jiu Xianghou says:

Do you have a video on how to make that wax foundation? Or is there a specific mold that you can get for it?

MrTiwilager says:

Are the staples you are using 18 gage?

fineshooter says:

hello if your wanting make numbers split them 1-2 frame splits I have a video on just that.

phuman931 says:

Thanks for the info , and I will make a donation . I do hav an unrelated question. How many brood boxes should I use? I currently use two deeps. I’ve also read three would be better. Any pros or cons to that? Thanks for all the videos, I’m in my second year and  I really enjoy working with bees. Also, how many increase hives can I realisticlly make from a strong second year hive? Thanks , Phil from Tennessee.

fineshooter says:

yes I do but only on a heavy honey flow. they are more likely to draw worker size cells then. I’ll put in some frames in between the draw-ed ones just to let use up the honey.as I want more bees for making splits then making honey.
The fatbeeman

ekkalars says:

Do you ever leave the frames without foundation so that the bees draw their own comb? Thanks for the video.

magprob says:

Nice tips Don. Thank you.

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