Honey Bee Products Technosetbee Hive

Technosetbee Hive.


james howlett says:

Hi Geo, thanks for the comment, I agree with all the points you make my honey crop from the Technoset was twice as good as any wooden hive. I will never go back to wooden hives, the Technoset has so many great aspects it really is far superior.

I did spot the mistake with the middle feeders after i did the video but i haven’t had time to change it.

geo7athens says:

I agree, these are superior beehives from every aspect. I own 20 of them and they are beyond comparison. Two things I noticed from the very beginning, excelent brood development and the control of the inner temperature becomes effortless for the bees. Tested in the blazing Greek sun!

*Note that is recommended to put the syrup feeders the other way so the middle split has the entrance from beehind.

Super1builder says:

The hive shown is 214.00 (US) plus tax and shipping huh?

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