HONEYBEE SWARM Catching Georgia Beekeeping pole bucket,Beekeeper John Pluta Beekeepers Bee Hives

SWARM Catching Georgia Honeybees with pole bucket out of ladder reach. Pictures at georgiabees.blogspot.com Beekeeping 101. Beekeeper John Pluta, Milledgeville GA. Beekeeping beehive video’s.


Misha Gray says:

You are too cool!

violetsugarlemons says:

You want me to climb 50 feet and shake a bucket on a pool pole at bees yeah sir that would make a great youtube video *laughs* your making me rethink working with a beekeeper this summer *laughs* love your videos : )

1971ojoalparche1971 says:

It puts the honey in the basket or else it gets the hose again.

billavara says:

John, I Love your videos!

magprob says:

They filled up on honey right before they swarmed John. So how did it turn out?

MikeH264 says:

Jimmy Norton is to comedy to what you are to bees. . . obsessed and a little weird. That’s a compliment. 🙂

andrewm153351 says:

Jim norton sent me here

clopstyle says:

Ted Scheckler told me that his uncle Paul was very impressed with your videos.

11825code6 says:

Do you know Ted Sheckler? He runs a beekeeping emporium. You should get in touch.

bubbagump101101 says:

Hey John, I like you videos, I watch them all the time. I would like to see a short film of your place. Everything you film is close in and it would make a better feel for your set up if you did a basic panoramic shot of your store and grounds around the store. Its just a thought but I would like to see such a short film.  Also I heard that California is taxing pollination income now. How do you feel about this and did you take bees to the almonds this year?

ArtaniAM says:

It was better not putting these frames into this plastic box.
It would had been more easy to get the swarm in.

Paul Croisetiere says:

How did this capture turn out John?


love your videos keep the excellent education for those like myself going.

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