How to dip your Beehives Part 1

A how to video for those interested in dipping their BeeHives in a mixture of Gum Rosin and Paraffin wax.


Jon Taylor says:

what is the size of your tank

Mosunick75 says:

Can you specify what tipe of paraffin you use? Thanks

Bruce Stevens says:

It is the resin or sap from a pine tree that has been dried. Baseball pitchers use it in a powder form to help get a better grip on the ball.

smrki1 says:

What is Gum Rosin?

Steven May says:

how long does this process last and how often do you re-dip your hive

calrow99 says:

good way to protect the entire hive box as compared to painting just the outside of the box… good idea to always have a fire extinguisher handy – safey is always part of the plan.

Kevin Gant says:

Do you ever need to re-dip any of the wooden ware?

abid aabi says:

nice very nice because i like honey uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuma

Bruce Stevens says:

75% parrafin wax and 25% Gum Rosin

sweetfeet666 says:

great vid man. what is the mix ratio that you use for wax/gum? Does the was really have to be that hot?

BalenciagaAddict says:

Great video! The background is beautiful. The fog, birds chirping – it looks like you live in the Smokey Mountains!

You have a lot of bee hives!

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