Preparing a Honey Bee Hive for Fall or Winter

I share how I am preparing my honey bee hive for fall. I have one hive that I don’t think has enough honey stores in its brood box. I remove the queen exclud…


GameRage Dad says:

Also, I heard if you cover you hive outside with some foam or whatnot to keep the bees warmer they will eat less honey. One of the guys on mountain men, the TV show does this for his bees. Do your neighbors hate you for keeping bees in the suburbs? lol

anolmec says:

any further info on the top feeder would be appreciated

Jonusbob says:

So… You Harvested almost 20 Gallons of honey this year. That’s really good for 3 hives. Do you sell your honey, or give it to you’re Friends and family?

Debbie Gereard says:

What cool info thank-you 🙂

Phil Richey says:

thanks for the info.

Kelly Richardson says:

I loved this video LDSPrepper, I want to know how you keep water available for your bees? Do you have pets, have you run into problems with water conflicts?

colemankamryn says:

Nice. Looks like a lot of coin in hives, but worth it I’m sure.

LDSPrepper says:

I don’t think so and certainly don’t hope so. I think is just makes sense for everyone to be self reliant. Have some extra food, water, money, etc. put away for emergencies.

sha whit says:

Great information, thanks!

Helen E says:

are most preppers mormons?

haftafish8780 says:

I guess its time to start getting my hive ready for the fall as well. Thanks so much for posting

The Productive Garden says:

Good video. I am lucky that I have enough honey flow throughout winter here to keep them going throughout winter.

pickerick1 says:

I mixed up my sugar syrup and my Bee’s are drinking away! Thanks Again. You are the best on Youtube 😉

LDSPrepper says:

That is why I make these videos. I could just go about my business and take care of my bees and my family but that would only help me. It is quite time consuming to make videos and reply to comments but knowing that they help really motivates me to continue to make them. Thank you for commenting. And best of success with your bees.

LDSPrepper says:

Last year I harvested four times. It looks like I’ll do the same this year. I harvest when the honey supers are at least 70% capped. It is interesting harvesting at different times of the year because the honey is completely different because of what nectar the bees have available. Spring honey is the lightest and sweetest because of all the flowers. Fall honey is dark and has a strong but good flavor.

Nehemiah Sconiers says:

How often do you harvest honey? and how do you know when the honey is ready to be harvested?

pickerick1 says:

Thank you, this is good information. I just check my hives and they almost have no honey stores. I’m am sure I would have missed this as I just started mine bee’s early part of this year…
Thank you Again, Rick in NC

LDSPrepper says:

I’m using raw sugar cane sugar. 

OnenessSaint says:

I’m assuming you are using organic non-GMO beet sugar. Is that correct?

LDSPrepper says:

Canon PowerShot Elph 110HS

LDSPrepper says:

1:1 ratio of granulated sugar to water. I measure by volume. One gallon of sugar to one gallon of water. This closely resembles nectar in nature.

MrPlopfest says:

Can I ask what ratio you are using for your syrup ,cheers


what type camera are you using. good job learned a lot from you keep it up.

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