Turkish Bee Hives? An Honest Review Part 3

My friends at Apimaye sent me two turkish beehives, one their Dadant Style, the other Langstroth. Since I don’t have an english manual, I explore the hives f…


ImaginaryFarms says:

Someone has a stalker..lol

Chandra Dasa says:

what about wax moth ,with all these so many holes.- ahh and SHB any insight for this situation about pest invasion.

Chandra Dasa says:

nice you will consider if you are a nice person ,down to earth person- nice.I am here in sunny Fl.

Chandra Dasa says:

your uuu and ahhh and saying you are crazy.all natural — nice.good vid

Chandra Dasa says:

you are good and have a good gonfidence even though you go uhh.

Chandra Dasa says:

how much are these turkish hive boxes.

redtiger546 says:

Nice to see your posting on here again after such a long absence!
Your videos and presenting style is great!

Artan Balla says:


Very difficult to concentrate on the beehive when the speaker is so pretty.
Why you live in US… and not in Amsterdam… The world is not fair…

suntees says:

thanks for the videos! lot’s of good stuff. if you still need a place for these turkish hives I have a place in alexandria va. (lincolnia area). and also on suntee dr. stafford va.  I currently have started 2 hives in the alexandria.

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