feeding bees Nutra-Bee pollen substitue

January feeding Nutra-Bee pollen substitute, preparing bees for the upcoming Almond Pollination season.


Ruvim Klimok says:

What are you using to knock the mites?

Thomas Fournier says:

Great video! Thanks

WallsBeeMan says:

good vid. I’m 69, went in my first hive about 10 years old.  I just made a vid on bee pollen

NutraBee says:

This is a video for the commercial beekeepers that have brought my Nutra Bee pollen sub, they have asked me many times what is the best (fastest) way to apply the sub in volume.

ThisnThatPackRat says:

Glorified commercial, no real info.

boostedrede30 says:

how do you get colonies this strong by january for pollination

Lovat Seal Clement says:

what’s the patty made from

robomantis says:

Will this work on bumble bee queens?

retiredtrucker50 says:

Thanks for this post very helpful

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