Honey Bee Dry Pollen Substitute

I don’t like to feed anything to the bees if I don’t have to; it is expensive and not as effective as the natural sources they bring in. However, the year I took this was the driest year we’ve had in a while in California. No rain means no honey (food for bees) and also very little pollen stored i the hive. Pollen substitutes are mixture of high protein ingredients like brewers yeast and soy flower usually. For the mix I tried here I also added some natural pollen that I had kept in the freezer. This video shows the bees hitting it just 10 minutes after I put it in there. This is just dry powder, no honey or sugar is used in this mix to entice them at all. After this I really couldn’t see much of what was going on inside as it was too thick with bees. I was just testing the mixture and BAM there were bees collecting as much as they could. If there is ever available pollen coming into the hive from flowers in the field, then you won’t see much of any interest in pollen substitutes. Pollen is needed for brood rearing as the protein source. Honey (stored nectar) is needed as the energy source. The concept is similar to mixing rice and beans together – honey and pollen. This is the main staple of the honey bee diet.


anorlast says:

did you see any difference in the hive any brood or white wax or something ?

shampton68 says:

I fed my hives dry powder and sugar syrup until winter this year. It was my first year and I have 6 hives. I bought 2 10 frame hives, I made 2 splits, and bought 2 5 frame nucs.

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