Beekeeping – Bee Package Installation

This video outlines the core elements of installing a package of bees into a colony.


12122po says:

Who is the mandolin player??

Gimmoli22 says:

should you only check them once every 3 weeks

shane8109 says:

Very informative

DarkSeaFriend says:

Is it also possible to harvest royal jelly from a hive like this one?

BladeOfForsaken says:

black pepper 😀

workwithnature says:

I like the way you made the clip, it,s with movie maker I spose. How did you get the picture in the beginning to go into the intro. 🙂

tradernorton05 says:

I’m a beekeeper, and yes, negro bees are the most unproductive AND violent bees on the planet.

Deathrune456 says:

correction. Bees are not ALWAYS vicious (unless Africanized, in which case. RUN LIKE HELL)

gemmy207 says:

Great video. To learn more about bee keeping I would recommend this site:

Poffpoffpass says:

How and when do workers pick a queen, when the old one dies? Do they select a female at random?

Starwasp says:

very cool! I will soon, i hope to have my own hive soon.

grabiod44 says:

holy crap he orderd alot of bees

yetanotheraccount2re says:

Trying to watch this video was very frustrating as the music was intrusive and it wasn’t obvious when or if a person was going to start speaking.
A good rule for making training videos is Tell the audience what they’re going to see, Show them the subject and Tell them what they just saw by way of summary. The wipes were awful and got in the way of seeing what the video was showing. Try freeze framing key visuals. Like the Queen Box. Good luck with future videos

DingleB3 says:

Yeah, you can do it for as low as $150… That is about $100 for hive equipment and $50 to buy some bees.

That’s really all you need. There are a ton of extras though that can cost hundreds more. If you want honey, you need and extractor. If you want optimal hive performance and prevention of mites and Foul Brood and other diseases you will have to pay much more for that.

Don’t worry bout that stuff though. Just get started, you can catch on to the rest later.

JunkMan16 says:

Can anyone tell me the approximate cost to get started in this hobby?

SaintLiam78 says:

I want to learn how to do this so i can supply my own honey for meadmaking

dirtybird2212 says:

dude bees are not vicious

upyoursassmonkey says:

Actually when bees sting other insects they dont lose their stingers and die, that only happens when they sting animals.

Eynigma says:

no, he’s a beekeeper.

onebrandofdemocracy says:


Duboisi says:

They need feeding in the start, as they have no honey yet. Later on you may choose between letting them keep more honey or substitute larger parts with sugar.

onebrandofdemocracy says:

What is the sugar water for? Is that just to get the bees started? I thought the bees ate their honey for food. My understanding was that some of the honey is left behind when the beekeeper removes the honey so the bees can eat.

emarat92 says:

I do this also
I am 18 years old
And frankly, I take lessons from

Because they are very active and Tdbn
I love bees
We have brought a single cell
Before age
We did not know nothing about it
But now we know a lot

And many other

accountabilabuddy1 says:

Excellent video! I’m doing 3 colonies today–first timer here. I read the book, and watched the video so to speak. I will refer to your video again just prior to the installation. Thank you for posting, and great job AAA+++

Russ Palmeri says:

The hive that stung the possum (see my video response) is quite weak. I HOPE they didn’t sting their queen to death when their alarm pheromone was triggered. The state extension agent was on my phone within 20 minutes of my posting the video to be sure I didn’t get an Africanized colony!
So, can I move some frames with brood and nurse bees from the strong hive to the weak hive? Obviously I need to be careful not to move the queen as well!

kleinmattahorn says:

I am getting my 3 lb package today. So you install the bee’s on top of the frames?
That is different way that I have been taught. Looks easier!
If I go with your method from what I see:
1. Get feeder placed
2. lay queen cage to top of frames
3. Pour bees on top
4. Place newspaper to keep bees from making comb
5. Close top
Q: do you still install a top board?
Am I missing any steps?

Thanks for the post

Russ Palmeri says:

Thanks for the video. I put my bees in today, AFTER I saw your video. Looks like I got it right!
I didn’t puncture the queen candy, so we’ll see if the queen is out in a few days!

TundraBuilder says:

Where did you get those feeders? I have similar ones I use to water our chickens, but the bottom trough is wider and I am afraid most of the bees would end up drowning. I’ve looked around on the internet, but can’t find the narrow trough type you are using. Thanks.

pyramidhead138 says:

you can actually do all that with your bare hands?

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