Beekeeping: How To Know When To Add Another Box To The Hive New beekeepers often wonder when they should add additional boxes to the hive. You should NOT add them all at once. I’ll show you how…


Sean P says:

Hi David, one more question. I live in Montana and is it alright to put a brood box and then a super or should I be putting two brood boxes, then suppers? Thank again, New bee Sean

Sean P says:

Thank you David, great video.

Q: after a super is put on should that one be left for the bees winter honey and then start to harvest honey for the second supper. Also, would a person put a third supper on or just harvest from the second one. Thank you, New bee Sean

The Productive Garden says:

Great video. I like that you use 2 boxes for brood before you add a queen exluder and honey supers. I believe this will result in a stronger hive with more room for the queen to lay eggs.

nathan martin says:

What you have done for the bee keeper world is great, I read or watch one of your video’s and can’t wait to get to the next one. I would.d love to come to your farm.

AhiNui says:

Your videos continue to help me as a “new bee”. Thanks

David Burns says:

Thank you for your kind comments!

MrVegetableGarden says:

I just added a box to my hive 2 weeks ago. It isn’t even spring and it is already exploding with bees! Thanks for sharing Tomas

ubiewan says:

Love your on-line lessons!! I spent 3 days (after discovering your site) reading all of them, can’t tell you how much they help. I still refer back to them, and have given the info to countless “newbees”! Please keep them coming, you are doing a wonderful service to all beekeepers. One question, why is it important to wait to add supers? Why can’t you just put them on all at once? Would it be wrong~would it harm the hive?

Rick Bell says:

That was very helpful to us new beekeepers.Thank you sooooo much!!

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