Episode 3 – Your First Bees

After meeting the Weavers in Episode 1 (Is Beekeeping For You) and going over the hive basics with Danny Weaver in Episode 2 (Meet A Healthy Hive), Skip is ready to get started with his first bees. Binford Weaver has a couple three pound packages and hives ready to go. Binford has worked bees since he was a boy, and Skip is truly learning from a pro. There are several ways to hive a package (and several types of hives), but the method Skip (and you) learn is one of the best for success, especially for a beginner beekeeper.


werewolf3335 says:

What country are you in???

werewolf3335 says:

@beeweaverbuzz how much does all the equipment cost in Sydney

The apiary

The smoker can

The bees


Thanks a lot.

Graeme Mccall says:

hi there any advise about beeking in bonny scotland , what are the most docile breeds where can i obtain the equipment and advice etc most excellent vid chaps

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