Girl Stars – Anita the Beekeeper (by Going to School in India)

Girl Stars was created by Going to School, a non-profit media trust based in New Delhi, India. For more, log on to our website — “I like beekeeping; I can run a business, earn money and study at the same time.” – Anita Kumari, Beekeeper Anita Kumari is a beekeeper in Bochaha village, Muzzafarpur district, Bihar. When Anita was young, her parents did not want her to go to school, but Anita wanted to go to school so much that she knew she had to find a way to pay for her education. Anita saw men in her village beekeeping and decided to give it a try. She saved enough money from teaching other children to buy two queen bees and begin her beekeeping business. Today, Anita has over 100 boxes of bees; she makes her own honey, goes to college on her bicycle and is still only 17 years old.


HowToVisitIndia says:

I love everything about this video. It is authentic, honest, inspiring, compassionate and has 2 messages that can’t be shouted loudly enough about the equality of women and the power of education

meenal insulkar says:

very inspiring video. liked by all my students

Ajay Prakash says:

A real good work. With one arrow you have achieved two goals of highligting a comman issue and how to overcome the challanges in our life.

bethblue1122 says:

Saw the link for this video on a beekeeping list I belong to. My daughter and I loved it. You go, Anita! More power to you and to all the girls like you!

MyRajeshsingh says:


EverybodysSenator says:

Excellent Video, I plan to help more children like Anita in India earn money for school by helping them start beekeeping, my commercial hobby here at Capital Hill Farms LORGE HONEYBEES this is one of my most favorite videos.

bipin pandey says:

very touching and inspiring.

waywardmuse says:

Bravo – well done!

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