Making a wooden frame for a Bee hive – Beekeeping Tutorial

A detailed beekeeping tutorial on how to construct a wooden commercial frame with wax foundation for use in a honey bee hive by beekeepers. Also, how to use a plastic frame. From


Foundups Michael Trout says:

LOL I love how you start the video…. my 1st thought is wtf do I get those pieces… I will make how to make a frame video and and show a much simpler and easier way… since that is my next project as I need lots of customized frames more my hives I made.

barsmars says:

I’d hate to see this bloke putting 500 frames together. Throw the square in the bin bud

elmergamez says:

which are the measures? because I saw you working building those frames but the measures? side by side etc

elmergamez says:

which are the measures? because I saw you working building those frames but the measures? side by side etc

TheRiceowlex says:

Check with your local government to make sure bees are ok in your area ? What are you talking about ? Bees are everywhere…The problem is people asking permission to do anything and everything from some government authority. Do yourself a favor submit a private bond to this authority and if at some point they’re harmed by your bees tell them to charge the account. STOP ACTING PATHETIC ..

bmcclure0561dad says:

You stupid plick, this is the USA, we do not CHECK with our local government, we are independant, self-sufficent americans, we do not ask the local dumbass politican for instructions on our lives. You must be from the UK or a government troll to make a statement that ignorant. Bee’s are Bee’s, they are all ok, just what are you looking for, bee’s that might have a Zombie virus or a penchant for plicks who need approval from GOVERNMENT on every decision in there lives.

Bananatesch says:

Sollte man das aurechnen auf 50 Völker mit der Betriebsweise Zander Flachzarge wird man ja Wahnsinnig sowas zu machen! Da kaufe ich lieber die schon fertig hergestellten Rämchen mit Draht! Hierbei muss ich nur mehr die Mittelwand einlöten!!!!

geobeekeeping says:

try this – confectionare rame…o etapa (by dvdnick)

dfdsmokeeater says:

this isn’t making a frame..this is putting one together

Didztr says:

Living in the eastern townships of montreal, I was wondering it the temperature would allow me to make honey?
Will the bees survive the winter?

Mrcubano11 says:

what is the yellow thing??

sirgas321 says:

there should be a space that bee coul move from one frame side to another

sirgas321 says:

well i am not using vitamin for now 🙂 and i use medium sirup 1kilo sugar 1 kilo water

audayhussain2 says:

ok,,thanx ,,let me ask you another question,,concerning the feeding of a bee i try water+sugar+vitamin c efurvessent the bees are so eagerly took the syrup but after that some of the bees abdomen are inflated and get larger and die,,can you tell me why that?is it because the sugar concentration or because of vitamin c?and can you tell me what kind of feeding you use for your bees?

Mayhemcip says:

Can anyone tell me of a video where they show you how to built a frame, i mean how to do a frame from wood board in the woodshop, Thank you

nousernameideasleft says:

Can anyone help give a comparison of plastic to wood frames so I can tell which would be easier or cheaper.

Minstrelcraft says:

So, after you harvest the honey, are the foundations re-used? If so, what’s the procedure? Please advise. Thanks!

Josh Carmack says:

Thirdly, you can go to meetings (local BKA) and there will be plenty of people that can tell you of places you can put them out in the country. Other beeks may allow you to use their property. You can even find national and state parks that will allow you to place them with a few regulations. don’t give up easily you have rights just as she.

Josh Carmack says:

Secondly, it’s not typically as easy as you think to make someone remove a hive. it’s also hard to make a sting lawsuit stick. She’ll have to actually prove it was your bee, and that you acted in neglect before you are libel. BUT, if they are crossing you line onto hers to get water it can make things easier for her, so do everything you can to garuntee she see’s them flying on her property as litle as possible. Give them water etc.

Josh Carmack says:

Give her lots of information about them, show her the tons of videos that proove that as a rule honey bee’s are a docile creature and will only sting when forced to. Only work the hive when your neighbors are not at home and won’t be ho,e for some time. explain to her that as neighbors it’s best you get along, because you can make trouble for her just as they can you

gamerboi777 says:

what is the FOUNDATION made of? is it plywood? pressed wood? what kind of material is it? what is the best material to use?

ryer schelling says:

Just check your local laws for beekeeping. Then just follow them. It’s not illegal to keep bees. If you make sure a fence is around your bees it forces them to fly up and out of every ones way. Bees also don’t crow in the mourning so she can’t complain about that.

lambutan82 says:

Whether you intended it or not, your neighbour is uncompromisingly cancerous. Prejudice is possible which leaves you little alternative as one sting from your bees makes you liable to be sued/evicted.
If its just one person(her), you might get away with proper documents. If its your entire neighbourhood, you’re screwed – find a new hobby.

Bass60thrar says:

First, checked with local government to make sure the bees are ok in your area. Next, I keep my hive in an isolated part of the backyard (I have a one acre yard in Ohio-USA), this allow for the bee’s main “flight path” to be over my property. Some people plant bushes several feet out in front of the hive to force the bees “up” as they fly out. When I harvest the honey in the early fall I always give some to my immediate neighbors to build goodwill.
Good luck.

nmh1962 says:

Here in the UK, I believe that there’s little legislation regarding the keeping of bees (I’m just starting out myself). However, if they became a nuisance, then your neighbour would have a legitimate complaint against you.  My advice would be to contact your nearest Beekeeping Association, even the local council, for guidance.

sophiajunie says:

Thanks so much! First time frame builder needing some guidance. I don’t care for the plastic frames, there is something about the smell of the wax and the wood that just goes together. Bee well! Maria.

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