Principals of Beekeeping : Moving bee hives

Sometimes it is necessary to move your bee hives. Learn how to safely move bee hives from a professional beekeeper in this free beekeeping tutorial video. Ex…


izumru9 says:

Не стыдно свой жир в интернет вываливать???

semork99 says:

I just have a question, I´m planning in Moving bees in a very cold weather…….I have already reduced the entreance of the bee hive,so my question i sill it affect my bees when I move them if i open the whole entrene and puto the wire net,I still am plan in covering all the bee hives THANKS!!!

sweetbutspicey1111 says:

I liked the info. Don’t forget to fasten the top hive cover too, it could come loose in your vehicle.

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