Beekeeping: Wax or Plastic Foundations? Amazing Results

Wax or plastic foundation for bees, which is better? Will the bees pull wax on a plastic foundation? Will they only lay eggs on a black plastic foundation bu…


Jimmy Brantley says:

Nope not by a mile, i am in my second year of beekeeping, i started out with plastic and thought it was ok until this year, i tried the pure wax foundation and the bees drawn it out very quick, i will not use plastic again, there is not enough wax on the plastic for the bees to draw out very quick. JMO

JTWrigglesprout says:

man I would get wax foundations but I live in a place where I have to ship everything in and wax foundation is just too fragile to ship

LDSPrepper says:

I buy almost all my supplies from BrushymountainbeefarmDOTcom. I like staying with one supplier so everything matches up.

Crystal Walker says:

Oh I so wish I could get bees now! Maybe in a year or two (fingers crossed!) Where do you get your plastic or wax foundations?

samohtzoo says:

see those queen cells on there?

LDSPrepper says:

Plastic, by a mile!

Jon Money says:

So what was the winner, wax or plastic

Renaldo Joubert says:

Omg I love honey I want some now

LDSPrepper says:

They come with a very thin layer of wax on them.

Lloyd Eastgate says:

Are the plastic frames dipped in wax or just bare plastic?

LDSPrepper says:

Yes. I fed them until they pulled all the comb. I didn’t want to feed them when there was a honey flow on. I just wanted to help them prepare the foundation so they would be ready when the flow hits.

Jason Egan says:

There shouldn’t be a difference between the two types of foundation as far as pulled come unless there is something on the foundation – dust, chemical or something else.

Do you feed your bees in the spring? If you do they will use the syrup to pull the foundation and put the nectar in the cell for honey later – it takes 8-11 lbs of honey to make 1lb of wax, so letting them draw it out when you’re feeding syrup is a good idea – depending if you want as much honey as you can get hat is 🙂

LDSPrepper says:

I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll keep an eye open to see if there is any difference.

adoynowknows2 says:

interested to see if you get less bur-comb with the plastic

wolfen26 says:

I love watching your bee videos ldsprepper. They are much more entertaining than what is on tv.

LDSPrepper says:

I was a little surprised when you asked because I felt you had seen most if not all of my videos. I’m glad it had what you were looking for.

LDSPrepper says:

Thank you for viewing and commenting. I’m glad I can bring you the “life and times of a bee hive” without you having to have one.

oldgeekster1 says:

THANK YOU! That was exactly what I wanted to see! 😉 I must have gotten busy at some point last November and totally missed that one – very impressive. A belated congratulations on your harvest is in order also.

SilverCitySlicker500 says:

True Story; when I was young I was stung by a bumble bee on the top of my head, and I haven’t been right since. Lol

SilverCitySlicker500 says:

I pray that it goes to $8 because I’m going to back up a truck to my favorite mint, and still buy honey.

LDSPrepper says:

If you haven’t already you might be interested in checking out my “Beekeeping: Honey Extraction” video.

fletcher3913 says:

Busy little bees aren’t they. … Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Seriously, I doubt I’ll ever be a bee keeper but I do find your videos interesting. I’ve enjoyed watching the progression of the hives and your knowledge.

LDSPrepper says:

We are scared of what we don’t understand. I’m scared of buying silver at $32/oz. and it going back to $8.

Allen2045 says:

I’m with SilverCitySlicker500 afraid of getting stung. Your doing a great job sharing with us.

SilverCitySlicker500 says:

I’m scared of bees, but I love honey! Lol

oldgeekster1 says:

@LDSPrepper – Congratulations! One of these days I hope you will post a video on processing your honey from Hive to jar and everything in between. 😉

twbigdogsgirl says:

My neighbor has bees and has trouble keeping them alive through the winter. I am not sure what they are doing wrong other than maybe not feeding them towards the end of winter.

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